Mobile video call demonstrated in a 3G platform

Mobile video call demonstrated in a 3G platform


Ericsson Mobile Platforms today announced a major new milestone achievement within its 3G development. The company now offers solutions for personal video telephony working end-to-end on a fully integrated dual-mode WCDMA/GSM platform, using a cost-effective small-sized solution.

Ericsson now demonstrates standard compliant video telephony on the 64 kb/s circuit switch bearer using state-of-the-art 15 video frames per second working end-to-end between two test phones as well as video streaming on the 384 kb/s packet data bearer.

This demonstration further emphasizes the leadership of Ericsson’s mobile platform solution, which is capable of full WCDMA and GSM/GPRS dual-mode, including handover and multimedia functionality. The power consumption of the dual-mode platform is very competitive and is currently comparable with today’s best GSM phones.

“Showing video telephony on a commercial, cost-effective dual-mode platform is a key milestone for our development and gives enhanced confidence to the whole UMTS industry to launch services and products in line with market expectations,” says Tord Wingren, President of Ericsson Mobile Platforms.

Video telephony is perceived by operators and end-users as essential to the new and more personal 3G services. In addition to voice, it will put people in closer contact while talking.

“The need for video telephony in mobile phones primarily involves situations where you can show your surroundings and share experiences instead of having to verbalize everything, both for private and business purposes,” adds Tord Wingren.

During the past year, Ericsson Mobile Platforms has consistently proven its leadership within 3G development by demonstrating WCDMA voice and high data rate calls as well as video functionality in live networks. During the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes, Ericsson will be showing full video functionality and interoperability with pre-commercial phones using platforms from Ericsson Mobile Platforms.

“It is extremely important for our customers to get our platform demonstrated in fully integrated small-sized handsets, to prepare for the final application integration and related tests prior to the market launch. We can offer mobile phone manufacturers a complete, robust, end-to-end-proven WCDMA/GSM dual-mode platform,” says Tord Wingren.