JetQue Unveils Mobile Voice Messaging Management

JetQue Unveils Mobile Voice Messaging Management


JetQue, Inc., a privately-funded startup company, today introduced JetQue Messenger(TM), the industry’s first secure voice messaging software solution for the enterprise that “pushes” message notification and streams message contents to mobile devices. Via always-on data channels, JetQue delivers message headers directly to the screen of a user’s cellular phone, PDA or 2-way pager. This allows mobile professionals to manage their voice messages from different networks on a single system, saving time and dial-in costs. JetQue Messenger offers cost savings and a secure mobile messaging platform for companies as well as improved productivity for mobile workers.

With JetQue Messenger, mobile workers receive a constantly updated list of their voice messages from different messaging systems, including corporate and wireless voicemail systems, on the screen of their favorite handheld. JetQue technology applies patent-pending management and security techniques to voice messaging, allowing users to aggregate, sort, deliver, preview and act on messages. With user-defined prioritization and always-on message notification, mobile workers can respond immediately to time-sensitive, high-value messages without suffering interruptions or wasting time. In addition, JetQue offers one-button response to messages – no numbers to dial, no fussing with different voicemail boxes.

JetQue Technology

Two important factors make JetQue technology timely. First, today’s mobile devices are programmable and have become platforms for new services. Second, wireless data channels are abundant since cellular operators have deployed GPRS and 1XRTT wireless data networks, Wi-Fi hotspots are widely available in many areas and corporations continue to install 802.11 wireless networks on their premises. JetQue uses these wireless data connections to “push” message notification to mobile users and to securely stream message contents upon request to cell phones or PDAs.

JetQue Security

With JetQue Messenger client-server software, all voice messages are stored and managed by the enterprise in a server secured behind the corporate firewall. Messages are encrypted in both storage and transit. JetQue also provides IT administrators with a suite of access controls that enable compliance with corporate security policies. Furthermore, since JetQue streams messages, rather than downloading them to mobile devices, if a cell phone or PDA is lost or stolen, confidential information is never compromised and messages remain secure on the corporate server.

“At last, mobile professionals have an immediate, non-intrusive voice messaging solution that eliminates the need to dial in and sift through their messages searching for the ones that need immediate attention. In addition to increasing productivity, JetQue’s client-server software provides the corporation with a completely secure and cost-effective mobile communications platform,” said Paul Wescott, JetQue Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. JetQue Messenger will begin shipping in March 2003.