Sony 802.11b FSV-PGX1 Portable Server

Sony 802.11b FSV-PGX1 Portable Server


Sony marketing corporation has unveild the wireless LAN (the IEEE 802.11b) loaded access point portable server FSV-PGX1. This is an the first ever network accessable 802.11b stand alone file server.

Weighing approximately 390g and 155mm thick this can go anywhere such as home and, office environments.

Recently, with the increase of wireless equipment to PC and PDA markets, a joint ownership file system is required. The FSV-PGX1 has 20 gigabytes, every server brings up the data and the file. Approximately 250 people can simultaniously share contents and information via the portable server.

In addition to the 802.11b version, there is a wired LAN (10/100 BASE-T Ethernet) version.

Features & Specifications

OS Linux 2.4.20
Weight: 390g
Dimensions: 83mm x height 155mm x thickness 31mm
Hard disk capacity 20GB (user area approximately 17GB * 1 )
Wireless LAN function (IEEE 802.11 B)
Network * file * protocol CIFS/SMB (Microsoft Networks)
Approximately 250 people can share data
WEP (64/128bit), ESSID correspondence
Network service DHCP server / client Httpd
File system EXT3
UPS function and automatic shutdown function