J-Phone Unveils the J-N51 Video Phone

J-Phone Unveils the J-N51 Video Phone


J-PHONE announced today it will offer a new Movie Sha-mail (video messaging) handset, the J-N51 by NEC, for sale after late April 2003. Movie Sha-mail is a service that enables users to send video clips of up to five seconds in length with audio as e-mail attachments.

Featuring a sleek and stylish design, the J-N51 is only 21mm thick, making it J-PHONE’s thinnest clamshell model so far. It also boasts twin lenses that can take VGA resolution pictures using an embedded CCD camera with 310,000 effective pixels. The J-N51 also features large, vivid and high-luminance TFT LCDs for the 2.2-inch main display and 1.2-inch sub-display.

The J-N51 is capable of infrared communications, which allows users to exchange pictures and contact information, a first for J-PHONE. Additionally, the handset includes a new high-speed web browser and T9® text input and word prediction for easy text entry.

With the addition of the J-N51 to the J-PHONE lineup, there are now a total of seven Movie Sha-mail handsets, thereby bringing the pleasures of video messaging to an even greater number of people.


– Width x Height x Thickness Approx. 48 x 95 x 21mm (when folded)
– Weight Approx. 107g
– Continuous talk time/Continuous standby time Approx. 125 min./450 hrs.
– Maximum no. of displayable characters (full size) 100 characters (10 characters by 10 lines)/169 characters (13 characters by 13 lines)/64 characters (8 characters by 8 lines)
– Mail storage capacity Up to 2000 mails
– Ring tone voices 40 Java[TM] application storage capacity (maximum no.) 7MB, shared (up to 100 applications)
– Bilingual interface Not available
– Handset colors Premium Silver (see photo), Cool black,Nile blue