Birdstep Technology Announces New Version of Intelligent Mobile IP

Birdstep Technology Announces New Version of Intelligent Mobile IP


Birdstep Technology today introduced an advancement in mobility software with its new version of Intelligent Mobile IP software. Based on patent-pending technology, the new Intelligent Mobile IP Client enables secure and continuous connectivity of a mobile device through any network available – regardless of whether it’s a wired connection, such as DSL or Ethernet, or a wireless one, such as wireless LAN (WLAN), Bluetooth or GSM/GPRS cellular systems.

Birdstep’s Mobile IP software allows users of laptops, PDAs and other mobile devices to seamlessly connect and re-connect across different types of infrastructures without application downtime or user intervention. The client software automatically changes to an available connection when an established connection breaks, thus keeping a session alive, or when a better connection becomes available. It manages the handover by providing a virtual unchanged networking state to the application.

If the user is downloading a large file and moves from WLAN to GPRS, the only noticeable difference is a change in connection speed. Users or administrators can also preset their connection preferences based on cost or performance.

‘The demand for, and corresponding growth of, wireless hot spots reflects the public’s desire for easy-to-use, reliable, ubiquitous Internet access,’ said Scott Miller, analyst for La Jolla, Calif.-based research firm ARS Inc. ‘Birdstep’s Mobile IP solution moves us one step closer to a truly mobile workforce by allowing users to roam seamlessly and easily between wired and wireless networks and broadband and narrowband connections, while maintaining a secure link to the corporate network.’

Birdstep’s Intelligent Mobile IP is standards-based client software that collaborates with third-party VPNs to facilitate uninterrupted movement between different internal networks, between different external networks and across the security boundary protected by VPN and firewall technologies.

‘By supporting existing standards and legacy network infrastructure, Birdstep’s Intelligent Mobile IP enables the mobilization of a corporate VPN,’ said Terje Anderson, chief executive officer of Birdstep Technology. ‘Birdstep protects a company’s VPN investment and ensures that the company’s security policies are enforced. Network administrators can rest assured that their existing VPN solution remains in full control of all external access to the corporate intranet.’

Designed for mobile operators and enterprises, the new Intelligent Mobile IP software is offered in two versions – universal and standard. The universal edition offers a VPN on/off feature, which turns the user’s VPN on when using an external, unsecured network, such as a public WLAN hot spot or public cellular service.

It also turns the VPN off when using a secure connection, such as Ethernet or the corporate WLAN with dynamic WEP key, to the company network. This feature reduces the load on VPN concentrators.

Birdstep’s Intelligent Mobile IP simplifies large-scale deployments with automatic configuration of the Mobile IP client via a Web-based configuration server in the enterprise or at the service provider. In-depth technical training on Mobile IP technology and Birdstep’s Mobile IP software is also available on the company web site at

Other products offered by Birdstep include a wireless access software suite for implementing wireless IP Zones or hot spots. At the core of the suite is IP Zone Server software, which is designed for public WLAN/Bluetooth access areas and provides cross-platform authentication so that any device with a wireless connection and a web browser can get access.

Additional elements in the software suite include the Nomadic Portal, for device-independent publication of local information using XML-structured content, and the Billing Gateway, for implementing various billing methods.