Free Wi-Fi for Canadians

Free Wi-Fi for Canadians


Bell Canada has commited to the Bell AccessZone, a Wi-Fi hotspot pilot that will provide Canadians with wireless high-speed access to the Internet (Wi-Fi is short for Wireless Fidelity and is the most popular worldwide term for high-speed wireless local area networks in offices, homes and public spaces). During the three month pilot, Bell will convert a number of high traffic payphones and other locations in Toronto and Montreal into wireless Internet access points. This gives mobile professionals, business travelers and consumers with 802.11b enabled laptops or wireless handheld devices another convenient option to wirelessly access the Internet, e-mail and corporate networks in public locations.

“Bell AccessZone further demonstrates Bell Canada’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of mobile professionals and business travelers who are becoming increasingly reliant on wireless technologies for high-speed Internet access while away from home or the office,” said Terry Mosey, President, Bell Ontario. “The AccessZone pilot builds on Bell’s Internet and wireless expertise and extensive payphone infrastructure. Our partnerships with the hotspot pilot location providers and with industry leaders such as Intel and Cisco Systems will ensure that Canadians gain another convenient way to wirelessly access high-speed Internet service.”

During the Bell AccessZone Wi-Fi pilot, users with 802.11b enabled devices will be able to gain free access to Bell’s hotspot service in the following high traffic locations: Toronto’s Union Station; Via Rail Panorama lounge in Montreal’s Central Station and Toronto’s Union Station; the departure area at Montreal’s Dorval International Airport; Kingston’s Confederation Park and Marina supported by the Kingston Economic Development Corporation; and Kingston’s St. Lawrence College. AccessZone is also available in the Air Canada Maple Leaf lounges at Pearson International Airport (Terminal 2), Dorval International Airport, and the Calgary International Airport and will be installed in all other Maple Leaf Lounge locations. Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital and Kingston’s Frontenac Public Library will also be deploying a Bell AccessZone location in the coming weeks. Other pilot locations will be introduced over the pilot period, which is expected to run until the spring of 2003.

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