Motorola’s Metrowerks Pre-Release of OpenPDA Linux Software Platform Development Software Unveiled

Motorola’s Metrowerks Pre-Release of OpenPDA Linux Software Platform Development Software Unveiled


Today at Linuxworld, AMD and Motorola’s Metrowerks, demonstrated a pre-release version of OpenPDA a Linux technology-based software platform for the development of personal digital assistants (PDAs) and smart phones running on the AMD Alchemy Solutions Mobile Client Reference Design Kit. The Mobile Client RDK is an evaluation and benchmark platform a hardware and software design tool that reduces design costs and time for developing PDAs, Web pads and other multimedia handheld computing devices. The Mobile Client RDK is based on the high-performance, low-power, high-integration AMD Alchemy Solutions Au1100™ processor.

The Mobile Client RDK running OpenPDA provides designers an example of a powerful, multimedia PDA hardware and software solution with a host of standard applications including: multimedia player, games, voice recording, image viewer, synchronization, browsing, and Java™ technology. In addition, OpenPDA provides a full Personal Information Management (PIM) suite, which includes calendar, contacts, to do list, e-mail, and text editor programs.

Metrowerks plans to release OpenPDA, a comprehensive software solution for creating mobile devices such as PDAs and smart phones, in late first quarter, 2003. OpenPDA enhances innovative hardware designs with outstanding software for productivity, entertainment and personal information management. The software platform includes an embedded Linux kernel, Trolltech’s Qtopia multi-language user interface, Insignia’s integrated Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and Opera’s full-featured Web browser. Extended capabilities such as desktop synchronization utilities and mobile networking are also included.

“Teaming with Metrowerks and having OpenPDA ported and optimized for the AMD Alchemy Solutions Au1100 processor gives us a powerful response to customers’ requests for a highly integrated, Linux-based PDA solution,” said Phil Pompa, AMD’s vice president of marketing for the Personal Connectivity Solutions Group. “Our Au1100 processor, combined with the Metrowerks OpenPDA suite of applications, is a solid solution that provides key user benefits: high performance, functionality, long battery life, and small form factor.”

“The combination of OpenPDA and AMD’s Au1100 processor will be exciting to both device manufacturers and application developers,” said Berardino Baratta, vice president of Metrowerks’ Linux Solutions Group and chief technology officer. “From handheld gaming to secure business transactions, the Metrowerks OpenPDA platform, combined with the exceptional power and performance of the Au1100 processor, allows developers to create powerful and innovative products.”