Possible Digital Video and Picture for Current Mobile Phones

Possible Digital Video and Picture for Current Mobile Phones


Atsana Semiconductor Corp. has announced the availability of a 1.3 Megapixel Video Camera Accessory Module reference design for mobile phones and PDA manufacturers.

The comprehensive reference design connects to existing mobile handsets to offer MPEG4 and H.263 video along with Megapixel JPEG and audio capabilities. OEMs now have a ready-to-market, production-ready design that provides add-on Megapixel still image and video camera functionality to mobile phone handsets.

“The camera enabled mobile phone market is positioned for rapid growth,” said Alex Leupp, President and Chief Executive Officer, Atsana Semiconductor Corp. “By 2007, analysts expect over 170 million camera-enabled phones to be sold worldwide. Atsana is leading the charge by introducing high-resolution 1.3 Megapixel capabilities. Users can now send high quality images and video on their mobile devices without adversely affecting battery life.”

The Megapixel Mobile Phone Video Camera (MMPVC) is a small, low-power module combining the programmable high-performance and high-quality video compression capabilities of the Atsana J2210 Media Processor with superior quality images. The camera accessory module connects to the handset and control of the module is implemented through a serial port interface.

“Atsana sets an industry benchmark by offering real-time video messaging and Megapixel camera functions to mobile phones, as well as other mobile devices like PDAs. Capturing and sending pictures and video clips between mobile devices is now a reality,”

The Atsana video camera accessory module has the following value-added features:

– Small form factor
– Low bill of materials cost
– Low power consumption
– Easy integration with existing handsets
– High-quality MPEG4 & H.263 video, QCIF at 30+ frames per second (fps)
– 1.3 Megapixel JPEG still image capture

Complete firmware and application software.

The Megapixel Mobile Phone Video Camera reference design is available immediately to mobile phone OEMs and accessory manufacturers, and is offered as a complete manufacturing kit, including schematics, parts list and comprehensive software.