Samsung Electronics Introduces the NEXiO S150

Samsung Electronics Introduces the NEXiO S150


Samsung Electronics has unveiled its Wireless Hand PC NEXiO S150 – the first in a series of Wireless Hand PCs that has just been launched in Korea. This first of its kind device combines the power of a handheld computing device with the capability of anytime, anywhere access to the Internet.

With the launch of this new product category, Samsung is recognizing the need for today’s mobile world to have access to the rich information that is always available on the Internet. No longer is it acceptable to wait for key information, or to be required to view needed information through restrictive formats.

With the NEXiO S150, users will be able to view the Internet through a 5.1” reflective LCD screen with a WVGA (800 x 480) resolution that recreates a desktop viewing experience. With its built-in wireless cdma2000 module, the Internet is available 24/7 to mobile users at speeds that exceed today’s traditional landline access capabilities.

Samsung is on the leading edge of an industry that is working to combine the power of next generation wireless networks with the portability and ease-of-use of handheld devices. As the 3G networks as described by the wireless industry continue to be rolled-out, Samsung will be positioned as a leader in offering devices that respond to the needs of all categories of users.

The NEXiO S150 is based on the WinCE platform which provides a flexible operating system that can support a wide variety of devices developed for specific markets. Combined with applications ranging from PocketWord, a spreadsheet and various e-mail capabilities, the NEXiO S150 can be a serious business tool for communications, yet still provide access to great content available through wireless networks.

The NEXiO S150 also introduces a VGA port to allow presentations to be given directly from the device. Using the NEXiO S150, being away from the office no longer means having to rely on a notebook computer for e-mail and presentation capabilities – the NEXiO S150 has all the functions one needs when away from the office for a quick trip.

A USB port is also built in to facilitate connections to a mouse, keyboard, memory card or other peripherals and expand the ways that the NEXiO S150 can be utilized. Currently available options include a global positioning system for automobile navigation, a 300,000-pixel digital camera, and a wireless LAN module that can transmit data at up to 11Mbps.

With its embedded cdma2000 1x module, the NEXiO S150 can utilize the built-in personal information manager (PIM) to track important personal meetings and tasks, look up phone numbers, and even make voice calls directly from the device. A notepad application allows notes to be tied to particular conversations, as well as producing longer messages that can be delivered through wireless networks to the intended user.

The NEXiO S150 also comes with applications geared towards personal entertainment. These applications include an e-book reader, an MP-3 player and games . Plus, with the Windows CE platform, additional applications are being developed every day.

Samsung’s Wireless Hand PC is designed to provide mobile online access anytime and anyplace. The product lineup will encompass options and built-in features that enable selective use of wireless cellular networks or wireless LANs, thereby satisfying diverse needs.

Although the product that is being demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show is only available in Korea, Samsung Electronics is evaluating the market potential for a device in the United States that satisfies the mobile needs in this country. As details for a US product are developed, additional information will be provided.