Timex Revamps Data Link Wristwatch

Timex Revamps Data Link Wristwatch


In 1997 Timex introduced Ironman with Data Link, the company’s first watch to combine the convenience of a personal organizer with the performance of a multi-function sport timekeeping device. While merging those capabilities proved to be a success, recent advancements in technology have allowed many noteworthy improvements to this already over-achieving sport watch. The latest version of the Timex Ironman Data Link is significantly improved in terms of both memory and versatility, without similar increases in size or price.

The Timex Ironman Data Link USB comes with software to download contacts with multiple numbers, appointments, schedules, and a host of other useful personal from a PC or Mac to the watch. The software allows the user to enter the data manually or to import data from your Microsoft Outlook ® messaging and collaboration client. Sport timing information can also be uploaded to the Timex Trainer software, allowing athletes to automatically log their workouts.

The computer-to-watch connection makes this watch easy to customize and operate. With the PC software, users can set the watch, customize the features and load custom watch applications, making the watch even easier and faster to operate.

Users can easily allocate the memory to the features they use most. For example, a person with a busy schedule might choose to use the memory primarily for appointments and apportion less to countdown timers and lap timing. Serious athletes may choose to reserve space to create a wrist-top training log. Reallocating memory to keep pace with shifting needs is easily accomplished.

The watch also has the ability to operate small customized applications. Several “applets” will ship with the software including a game, counter, world time and pulse calculator. In addition, Timex has a complete Software Developers Kit available at www.timex.com/developer. This enables third parties to develop applications for the watch.

It would be easy to assume that a watch with so many functions would, by necessity, be big and heavy. To the contrary, the Timex Ironman Data Link USB is similar in size and styling to its siblings in the Ironman series, the number one selling sport watch line in the world. Further, the Data Link equipped watch has all of the great styling, features and durability that the Ironman series is famous for.

“Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Ironman Data Link USB is its flexibility” says Dan Simoneau, Timex’s Senior Manager of Advanced Products. “From pure sport watch to PDA and anywhere in-between, this watch can be precisely what it’s user needs it to be.”

The Timex Data Link USB watch also features a crown to make setting the watch and scrolling though lists fast and easy.

Ironman Data Link USB watches will be available in the Spring of this year for around $90. Purchasers will be able to choose between styles with long lasting resin and infinitely adjustable Fast Wrap straps.