Simpliciti Inc. Announces the Electronic Home Organizer Family of Multi-User Devices

Simpliciti Inc. Announces the Electronic Home Organizer Family of Multi-User Devices


Simpliciti Inc., announces the Home Organizer and Home Organizer Plus, the first multi-user electronic devices designed to organize today’s busy family. Accessorizing this new family of products is an attachable printer and pocket size Companion card that synchronizes with the main unit.

The products bridge the gap between expensive, business-oriented handheld personal digital assistants and single-user, tiny screen electronic organizers. The units allows up to 5 people to share all organizer functions such as scheduling, phone, shopping and to do lists. For example, a master schedule is updated by all users so that conflicts can be quickly noted. Outlook users can easily import their events into the family schedule through PC synch.

Both units are priced well under $100 or less than $20 per user. The device also features an attachable printer for convenient printing of family schedules, shopping lists, phone numbers, etc. The Home Organizer Plus also features Voice Notes, an integrated Phone Dialer and the Home Organizer Companion, an optional credit card sized device complete with a touch screen for easy input and display that synchronizes data with the main unit.

“The average person spends about an hour each day looking for stuff. There are no affordable consumer electronic products today that a family can use to get organized,” said Tareq Risheq, CEO and founder of Simpliciti, Inc. “We all talk about wanting to simplify and better organize our families. Home Organizer is so simple to use that everyone in the family immediately benefits.”

At 5 ½ inches x 9 ½ inches (5 ½ inches x 12 ½ inches with printer) the Home Organizer can easily be carried around the house, used on the kitchen counter top, the kitchen table, a favorite sitting nook or mounted on the wall. The 8 line screen is larger than organizers and PDAs and the type is large enough to easily read without eye strain. The Home Organizers adhere to strict “one-button simplicity” functionality giving users quick and easy access to their information.