Samsung’s SGH-V205 GPRS Digital Camera Phone

Samsung’s SGH-V205 GPRS Digital Camera Phone


Samsung Electronics has unveild the SGH-V205 Camera Phone, a camera-equipped General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) phone that offers consumers the ability to talk, take and send pictures through a single device. As a GPRS enabled device, users can make telephone calls and transmit data, such as email messages and application files.

“The SGH-V205 is one half James Bond, one half fun for kids of all ages. You might call it the light-hearted spirit of digital convergence, but with WAP and GPRS-enabled features, it also an incredibly useful phone for wireless web and safety considerations. For parents, it is the perfect gift for their children,” said Sang Jin Park, Executive Vice President, Telecommunication Network Business of Samsung Electronics.

With Samsung’s SGH-V205, consumers and business professionals alike can communicate via audio, digital image, email/text, or the Internet thanks to its built-in Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) 1.2-compliant browser and support of multi-media message service (MMS).

For visual display, the Samsung SGH-V205 features an embedded digital camera that displays images over thin film diode liquid crystal display (TFD LCD). The TFD LCD shows 65,000 colors at 128 x 160 resolution. For audio, the SGH-V205 features 40 polyphonic ring tones. It also allows users to upload their favorite song to use as a ring tone.