Transcend Unveils CompactFlash Capable of 30X Data Transfer

Transcend Unveils CompactFlash Capable of 30X Data Transfer


Transcend has announced the release of the improved, Ultra Performance 30X CompactFlash memory cards in capacities of 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, and 1GB.

Data transfer at 1X represents a rate for Flash memory of about 150KB/sec. Ultra Performance 30X therefore boosts data transfer to a maximum data transfer rate of about 4.5MB/sec. This increase in data transfer rate is extremely beneficial when using devices such as high resolution Digital Still Cameras. With the rapid growth in digital image resolution from 1M and 2M pixel CCD/CIS sensors to 4M or even 6M pixel CCD/CIS sensors, the data transfer rate to the Flash memory becomes a critical factor.

Testing of Transcend’s Ultra Performance 30X CompactFlash Card indicates that it achieves a read speed of up to 4.8 MB/sec and a write speed of up to 4.0MB/sec–2.5 to 3.5 times faster data transfer than a traditional CompactFlash Card. The Transcend Ultra Performance 30X CompactFlash card is the ideal companion for high-resolution digital cameras and other high-performance applications that require CompactFlash memory cards.