Minolta Introduces the 5 MegaPixel DiMAGE F300

Minolta Introduces the 5 MegaPixel DiMAGE F300


Minolta Corporation announces a new addition to the DiMAGE digital camera line – the Minolta DiMAGE F300. Featuring increased resolution and zoom range, a new noise reduction option and Minolta’s award-winning Subject Tracking Autofocus (AF) and Minolta’s Area AF, this new digital camera produces high-quality images and incorporates advanced automatic functions, and fast, easy operation. Following the sleek contoured design of the DiMAGE F100, the DiMAGE F300 is one of the world’s lightest and smallest 5.0 megapixel digital cameras with a built-in zoom lens.

“Today’s consumers are looking for easy to use high quality digital cameras like that allows them to capture their precious moments,” said Jon Sienkiewicz, vice president of marketing for Minolta Corporation’s Consumer Products Group. “The new DiMAGE F300 not only lets them do that but it’s a stylish addition to their everyday lifestyle.”

The DiMAGE F300 features a 5.3 megapixel 1/1.8-type interline primary-color CCD with 5.0 million effective pixels for fine high-resolution images. The DiMAGE F300 incorporates a built-in 3x optical zoom Minolta GT LENS for color accuracy. Three aspheric lens elements ensure sharp images at all focal lengths that. And a 4x digital zoom capability, provides compact lens design with a wide image capture range. With a focal range of 7.8mm to 23.4mm, it is equivalent to a 38mm to 114mm 35mm zoom lens.

This stylish camera features a slim aluminum body exterior and stainless steel accents around the lens barrel with an easy-to hold, elegant grip and ergonomic control layout. A versatile camera, the DiMAGE F300 features the functions and controls essential for great image making. The DiMAGE F300 allows complete control over exposure, color, contrast, saturation, white balance, camera sensitivity and focus. It can also record movies and audio.

The image formed on the camera’s CCD sensor is enhanced by Minolta’s exclusive CxProcess image processing technology to optimize sharpness, color reproduction, tonal gradation and noise to create clear and natural looking images. The DiMAGE F300’s wide dynamic range is provided by 12-bit A/D (analog to digital) conversion to ensure natural color and accurate tonal reproduction.

The new Minolta DiMAGE F300 combats noise which can give a grainy look to digital images by employing a large signal-to-noise ratio to minimize its effect even with higher CCD gain as well as allowing photographers to select noise reduction to control image quality. The new selectable feature compensates for dark noise caused by exposures of one second or longer.

Advanced technology makes focusing on the DiMAGE F300 simple and effective. The DiMAGE F300 follows in the footsteps of Minolta’s DiMAGE F100 – the first compact digital camera in the world to be equipped with Subject Tracking AF and to also feature Minolta’s Area AF. These technologies work together to locate and follow the subject through three-dimensional space within the camera’s extra-wide focusing area, making the autofocus system ready to take a picture when the photographer wants to. Simply activate the Area AF system with the shutter-release button and the camera evaluates the objects in the extra-wide focus frames and pinpoints the subject. If the subject moves, Subject Tracking AF will adjust the focus to ensure sharp images; the active AF sensor is displayed in the focus frames and will follow the subject movement.

The DiMAGE F300 also features Automatic Digital Subject Program Selection. This advanced feature automatically selects one of five subject programs – portrait, sports action, landscape, sunset, or night portrait – to optimize the camera’s exposure and image-processing controls based on the subject and scene. This frees the photographer from having to evaluate the conditions and make camera settings for each new situation.