Digital Innovations Announces the Neuros MP3 Digital Audio Computer

Digital Innovations Announces the Neuros MP3 Digital Audio Computer


Digital Innovations has launched the Neuros MP3 Digital Audio Computer. Neuros was built to be truly interactive. It couples excellent compact design and device usability with new levels of digital music personalization and compatibility to bring you an unprecedented music experience that fits your lifestyle. The result is a breakthrough device that allows playback through any FM radio – putting the power of a broadcast tower in the palm of your hand with the means to control when, where, and what you listen to.

“With Neuros, Digital Innovations has taken a giant leap forward by creating an entirely new category of digital music devices that was strategically built to unlock the promise of digital audio by allowing interactivity away from the computer,” said Joe Born, Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of Digital Innovations. “Music enthusiasts told us that they are disappointed in today’s restrictive, cumbersome, and static offerings that fail to meet their needs. We’re answering their call for a more complete experience, and have created a product that finally matches form with function.”

Within its compact 5.8-ounce shell, Neuros addresses the unmet demands for a flexible, portable, yet powerful interactive digital device. Neuros introduces several unique, patent pending features:

MyFi™ (My Frequency) – Digital tuning technology enables convenient wireless high fidelity playback through any FM radio. MyFi automatically scans and locates the least populated station available for transmission. MyFi also provides convenient flexibility by automatically switching from public to private use once headphones are attached. HiSi™ (Hear it, Save it) – Automatic song identification system records an audio sample from music heard on the radio or at a live event and converts it to a digital fingerprint for identification and access on the Internet. When you synchronize the device, the song clip is matched against a proprietary database and the artist and title information is communicated back to the Neuros PC application and to the device itself.

NeurosSync (Neuros Synchronization System) – Advanced open synchronization system automates the transfer of music/files to and from the Neuros device. NeurosSync delivers interactivity independent of the PC and allows management of your complete PC library, including future downloads, playlist creation, and song deletions from the device. It provides an open platform for interactivity and integration with next generation music services and with popular media players, including MusicMatch, WinAmp, and Zinf.

Expandability – The Neuros two-part design includes a removable backpack to give you ultimate memory and storage flexibility, with the freedom to easily plug into product upgrades. As new technology is released, you can upgrade your Neuros by replacing the backpack. Today, you can immediately upgrade your Neuros 128MB by separately purchasing the 20GB Hard Drive. This lets you easily switch between an ultra portable Flash unit for the gym and a high capacity hard drive for road trips.

Additional design elements maximize Neuros’ usability in the car. The Neuros interface includes five programmable preset buttons, a large 128-by-128-pixel high-resolution display, and a main scroll-button that allows for easy navigation of the user’s entire music collection. In addition, an amber backlight display allows for clear visibility in daylight, as well as low-light conditions.

Pricing and Availability

Neuros is available in two models, Neuros and Neuros HD. Both feature similar capabilities but offer consumers two varied storage capacity options. Neuros offers 128MB of embedded flash for a suggested retail price of $249.00, and Neuros HD offers a 20GB hard drive backpack (9.4 oz.), capable of storing up to 5,000 songs, for $399.00. Stereo ear-bud style headphones, belt clip, wall power adapter, USB cable, car power adapter, Neuros Synchronization Manager PC software and user’s guide are all included. Neuros will be available for purchase directly at and nationwide at select retail outlets, including CompUSA, beginning February 10, 2003.