The Boom – Noise-Canceling Communications

The Boom – Noise-Canceling Communications


A revolutionary new, acoustical, noise-canceling communications device tested in years of daily Wall Street use now gives cell phone users the ability to speak naturally and quietly in any noisy setting and still be heard clearly: theBoom™ is the first consumer product from established B2B voice recognition technology innovator UmeVoice, Inc., now available for $150 at theBoom’s patented, shaped-based solution virtually eliminates background noises as loud as the New York Stock Exchange trading floor or even a black hawk helicopter while permitting clear caller communications.

“Wall Street trading rooms and especially the floor of the NYSE are extremely noisy environments where mistakes quickly become very expensive,” said James Oliverio, a senior Wall Street information technology executive/consultant and CEO with “I’ve had an opportunity to evaluate many of technologies during my years on Wall Street and the UmeVoice technology found in theBoom has proven to be an essential business tool that has saved us tremendous amount of time and money from costly errors.”

Even in the loudest of environments, with theBoom attached to any phone, users can converse at comfortable levels (even whisper if necessary!). Gone is the necessity to speak loudly — or shout — in order to be heard. Gone is the need to repeat statements. theBoom’s patented noise cancellation technology makes sure that every word is understood without the interference of background noise.
“theBoom is a natural extension of our technology which was originally developed for Wall Street traders,” said Adithya Padala, CEO and founder of UmeVoice, Inc. “These are people who care profoundly about accuracy and intelligibility. They make vitally important phone calls amidst the din of the stock market floor, giving buy-sell instructions that must be heard clearly by the recipient or by our
voice recognition-enabled computers. Now, mainstream businesses and consumers can benefit from this technology that is a proven success on Wall Street.” People can now stop shouting and get down to their private business, whether they are on a busy street, on the trading floor, in a cab or in a noisy restaurant.”

At the heart of “theBoom” is patented technology based on advanced acoustic principals, developed by UmeVoice, Inc. This shape-based solution provides a two-port microphone housing, which cancels out background noise as it hits the front and the back ports. Thus, theBoom prevents the input of noise from a user’s environment. The speaker’s voice, however, is concentrated on the front port and deflected away from the back port. This enables the microphone to transmit a strong speech signal, devoid of background noise. The result is a dramatic enhancement in clarity that allows a user to speak quietly in 100 decibels of noise and still be heard clearly.