Samsung’s New SCD5000 Mini DV w/ 4.13 Mega-Pixel CCD

Samsung’s New SCD5000 Mini DV w/ 4.13 Mega-Pixel CCD


Samsung Electronics has unveiled SCD5000, the latest in Samsung’s line of digital convergence products that seamlessly combines the qualities of a MiniDV digital camcorder with a four mega-pixel digital camera. Unlike other similar products, which tend totake one of the two functions as an afterthought, i.e. either poor resolution for stills or extremely limited recording time and quality for motion pictures, etc., SCD5000 performs superbly at both functions.

The SCD5000’s unique swivel lens mechanism permits easy switching between the two functions; one side of the assembly houses the camcorder lens and sensor and the other side holds the mechanism for the digital still camera.

The digital still camera function creates sharp images with 4.13 mega-pixel CCD resolution. Compared to most digital camcorders, which store low-resolution still images at 640 x 480 pixels, SCD5000 produces 2272 x 1704 images suitable for large size prints. Additionally, SCD5000’s embedded strobe allows still picture taking in low light conditions. Other features include a 3x optical zoom for camera and swivel lens assembly. The images can be stored in Memory Stick media and transferred through USB ports.

As a digital camcorder, the SCD5000 features 680K pixel CCD, MiniDV and MPEG-4 recording. The lens allows users the option of a 10X optical or 800x digital zoom. Samsung’s proprietary Power Nite Pix function greatly improves picture quality under unfavorable light conditions. And SCD5000’s two-inch trans-reflective LCD viewfinder ensures optimal clarity even under direct sunlight. Captured footage is transferred through the IEEE1394 (FireWire) connector.

“Samsung Electronics’ SCD5000 balances two digital devices without compromise. It performs at very high level both as a digital still camera and a digital camcorder,” said Mr. Man-Yong Shin, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Digital Video System Division of Samsung Electronics. “With the introduction of SCD5000, the vision of digital convergence became a reality for digital video and photo enthusiasts.”