Power Up Without Plugs

Power Up Without Plugs


With MobileWise Wire-Free Electric Power technology and its derivative products, consumers no longer need multiple chargers, adapters and cords. Its technology is already embedded into chipsets that are sold to leading mobile, networking and power accessories OEMs. MobileWise chipsets enable a sophisticated wire-free electric power management and delivery to multiple mobile devices with a variety of power needs, delivering safe, convenient, instant power.

“There were significant evolutionary changes in power systems technology in 2002, but only one revolutionary development,” wrote Alix Paultre, Optoelectronics and Power Supply Editor of Electronic Products. “The Wire-Free Electricity Base system may completely change the way portable devices can be charged, and promises to completely separate the charger from the device in the mind and actions of the user.”

Once a MobileWise-enabled device is placed anywhere on the Wire-Free-Electricity Base, it will be powered and charged as if it is plugged to an electric outlet. The Wire-Free-Electricity Base can simultaneously power multiple devices with varying power needs.

MobileWise technology permits the transfer of any amount of power needed into appliances and mobile devices. Limitations on power delivery by Wire-Free Electricity Bases are mostly regulatory, such as those placed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

MobileWise recently announced that Acer, one of the world’s top 10 branded PC vendors, is working towards incorporating MobileWise technology into the design of its newest mobile computing products, expected to reach the market by this spring. The technology has been well received, and in the fall of 2002, MobileWise was invited to participate in “What’s Hot at Comdex” as part of the 8th Annual Bear Stearns Comdex Trek.

MobileWise also won “Product-of-the-Year” award from Electronic Products Magazine, a trade publication providing product and technology information for today’s decision making engineers. MobileWise will demonstrate the award-winning technology at booth #35193 at the Portable Power Pavilion of the International Consumer Electronics Show here from January 9-12.

From the thousands of products introduced in 2002, the editors of Electronic Products chose the most outstanding based on significant advances in technology or its application, a decided innovation in design, or a substantial gain in price-performance. MobileWise’s Wire-Free Electricity Base ™ was selected because of its ability to solve the “Last Wire” problem – the need to regularly plug in mobile devices or appliances for electric power.