Review: Motorola C333 GSM Mobile Phone

Review: Motorola C333 GSM Mobile Phone


Hello Moto! Motorola’s C333 is one of the most affordable mobile phones Motorola has ever made. Most providers will give you this free, or a small $99 purchase fee.

The silver plastic interchangeable face plate with brushed aluminum trim makes the blue glow display look like it could have fallen from heaven. The phone is incredibly small, at a mere 3.09 inches long x 1.07 inches wide x 0.75 inches thick (9.9cm x 4.8cm x2.0cm) and weighing 80 grams, it’s small enough to slip into a pocket and but a little small to hold up to your ear.

The C333 has many easy to use options and a well-detailed menu system features that make getting around quick. The order of the menus can be adjusted for quick browsing as well as two assignable buttons and ‘My Menu’ which can all be customized to contain your most frequently visited settings.

The iTAP software is unique to Motorola mobiles, it decreases typing time for text messaging by predicting keystrokes and providing a list of possible words to choose from. It can take some getting use to but once mastered will simplify the way you text message forever. iTAP can also be disabled easily for classic text messaging. ICQ SMS messaging can be used to send and receive instant text messages from the Motorola C333 to ICQ users around the world to their PC or mobile phone.

The Date Book feature doesn’t completely replace the need for a PDA but is an advancement for a mobile phone. It can be used as a calendar, scheduler and event reminder. The phonebook can store up to 400 entries. One of the coolest features this phone has is a polyphonic (more than one tone can be produced simultaneously) MIDI ringer. Onboard are 32 preset ring tones and another 32 to be downloaded or programmed. The one drawback I discovered is that even when the ringer is set to LOUD it still is not loud enough and can easily be hidden by background noise, and there are some times when Vibracall just doesn’t cut it.

The C333 comes with three graphic-intensive games: Astrosmash, MotoGP and Snood 21 (all with additional downloadable levels); as well as the ability to download new games and personal organization tools.

The phone’s USB port makes up for a lack of Bluetooth technology. The USB port allows you to connect a laptop for dialup Internet access, but it is uncertain if the USB port can be utilized for any other purposes, as Motorola has not released any information or software regarding USB connectivity.

The C333 is a GSM mobile which utilizes Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS) v5.0, Peer-To-Peer chat messaging and a WAP 1.2.1 Enabled Microbrowser via GPRS that delivers real-time access to wireless Internet sites and specialized information services from a wide array of mobile Web sites. The built-in 600 mAh slim Li Ion battery provides up to 180-300 minutes of talk time and up to 10 days standby time.

The C333 is the all in one solution for most small use subscribers, although slightly small and uncomfortable while holding to your ear, the phone is very affordable and can fit anyones budget.