To Deliver Video Highlights To PDAs To Deliver Video Highlights To PDAs


For the first time, FOX Sports will allow fans on the go to watch daily video highlights on their PDA’s. on Lycos, a leading and innovative sports web site, will offer its video content as a subscription product to Mazingo subscribers. Mazingo, The Mobile Entertainment Network is the only company delivering copy-protected movies, TV shows, news, sports, weather and more directly to PDA users. Video highlights are digitally delivered in VHS quality and updated automatically when users synchronize their devices.

The new Channel on Mazingo will offer unique, exclusive and compelling content from the vast array of FOX Sports and Fox Sports Net programming, plus other unique content acquired specifically for this partnership. Collectively, the broadcast and cable properties which FOX controls broadcasts more than 4000 pro and college sports games, and hundreds of hours of sports related shows yearly, including the Best Damn Sports Show Period, Regional Sports Reports, Beyond the Glory and the upcoming daily extreme sports program, 54321.

“Our partnership extends the FOX Sports brand well beyond sending simple text or images to mobile devices,” says Mazingo CEO Brooks Haden. “Copy-Protected video is what sets Mazingo apart and we’re pleased that one of the leaders in innovative television and online sports coverage has recognized this opportunity to deliver its video to a new audience, the mobile consumer.”

”Sports fans have an insatiable appetite for information. Fox Sports and Fox Sports Net have video assets unmatched in the world. continues to look for ways to distribute our product globally and interactively, and the new Fox Sports Channel on Mazingo is yet another revolutionary step for our interactive business” said Ross Levinsohn, Senior Vice President and General Manager, “The technology is easy to use and most importantly, copywrite protected, so we can safely distribute great video to PDA users starting today.”

Mazingo is fun, easy and affordable with several subscription plans available. The channel will be offered as part of Mazingo’s Digital Video Package along with hundreds of others video and audio shows or as an a la carte for fans who only want daily FOX Sports highlights.