Deltron Technology Cinema Disk Series Portable Digital MPEG 2 Video Player

Deltron Technology Cinema Disk Series Portable Digital MPEG 2 Video Player


Deltron Technology has announced the launch of the Cinema Disk portable digital MPEG 2 video player series. Cinema Disk is a revolutionary video storage product that offers high speed, high volume storage for MPEG 1/MPEG 2/JPEG/MP3 files and instant playback on TV/Projector through S-Video and Composite Video output.

Cinema Disk is an exciting tool for people who play with multimedia digital files¨ said Raymond Chi, General Manager, Deltron Technology. “This product offers consumers a powerful set of features to enjoy digital video, picture, and songs.” The user can create a high quality 720×480 MPEG 2 video on PC, store the video on Cinema Disk through USB 2.0 and immediately enjoy his creation on TV.

Smaller than a paperback book, Deltron Technology Cinema Disk is designed to be a portable media player. After saving the multimedia files on the Cinema Disk, the user can take it anywhere to share the contents with friends and family. Besides playing video, Cinema Disk also has powerful JPEG presentation tool that can zoom, rotate pictures and presenting pictures in thumbnail or music slide show mode. A sales person can save the PowerPoint™ files in JPEG format and use Cinema Disk for presentation. A remote control is included for easy access to the build-in features

Multimedia Features
Cinema Disk offers consumers the following powerful feature which including:

MPEG 1/MPEG 2 Video
   – MPEG 1: 320×240 (VCD Quality)
   – MPEG 2: 720×480 (DVD Quality)
   – Remote control supports: Fast Forward, Rewind, Slow motion, Volume UP/Down, Mute, Play, Pause, Stop

MPEG 4 Video: Supports Simple Visual Profile encoded file
Motion JPEG Video:
JPEG Pictures Presentation

   – Zoom, Rotate, Next, Previous
   – Slideshow: Run slide show with different time interval from 2 second to 4 minuets. Support 12 modes of picture transition.
   – Music Slide Show: With MP3 and JPEG in same directory, user can run slideshow with MP3 playing in the background

   – Remote control supports: Next, Previous, Volume UP/Down, Mute, Play, Pause, Stop
   – 6 Play modes: Folder, Repeat Folder, Single, Repeat Single, Random, Program

High Speed Interface with PC: USB 2.0, 480 Mbps
Digital Camera backup: Compact Flash Type II Slot
S-Video, Composite Video, Stereo Audio output
Supports NTSC and PAL(SECAM) TV
Optional Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

Models and Availability
Deltron Technology Cinema Disk series offer several storage capacities to meet different customer requirement. Cinema Disk-20, Cinema Disk-40, Cinema Disk-60 offers 20GB, 40GB, 60GB storage volume respectively. Cinema Disk will be available from different retailer at end of November 2002. Please check for complete listing.