World’s First Commercially Available Illuminated Computer Keyboard

World’s First Commercially Available Illuminated Computer Keyboard


Auravision, LLC has announced the EluminX(TM) line of computer data entry products. The initial product offering, the EluminX Illuminated Keyboard, is a computer keyboard with internal luminescence or lighting — the first commercially available computer keyboard that remains totally visible even in dark or low-lit workspaces. The EluminX Illuminated Keyboard eliminates the glare from task lighting, eases eyestrain, and makes the keys easy to see. A perfect solution for late night web surfers, gamers, and computer users.

The innovative design of the EluminX Illuminated Keyboard relies on patented technology from Twenty First Century Technologies Inc. Exclusive rights to US Patent No.6,199,996 B1, have been granted to Auravision for the worldwide manufacturing, sale, and distribution of all products have been granted. Foreign Patents are pending in twenty-seven countries.

Auravision, LLC was created when Ennova, the full-service product development and marketing company, joined forces with GWD Group, the marketing and technology management firm, to bring new ideas and innovative design to computer peripherals using ElectroLuminescent technology.

“All of our market research indicates that today`s consumers are willing to purchase new peripherals that have innovative function, design, and style, even in today`s highly competitive marketplace,” according to Jeff Walden, CEO of GWD Group. “We are thrilled to be working with a product developer, such as Ennova to bring creative product designs to the consumer electronics marketplace under the Auravision brand name. The potential of the patented ElectroLuminescent technology for input devices is exciting.”

“The EluminX Illuminated Keyboard has a strong demand and consumers are already visiting our site to purchase their keyboards,” according to Everett Hale, CEO Ennova Corporation. “Initially the keyboard will be sold through the Internet at and through a special TV campaign. By first quarter 2003, EluminX will be available in retail stores.”

David Byrd CEO of Twenty First Century Technologies Inc. added, “The synergy of the companies that created Auravision is very exciting. I am very pleased we decided to license our technology to a group with such an incredible depth of talent and experience. I look forward to seeing more consumer products made available using ElectroLuminescent technology.”
The EluminX Illuminated Keyboard is currently available with sapphire blue and aquamarine illumination; more colors will be available soon.