WiFi SD Card Coming Next Year

WiFi SD Card Coming Next Year


The world’s first secure digital ( SD ) form factor wireless network Interface card (NIC) reference design for OEM vendors that supports SPI, I bit and 4-bit SD transfer modes and a fully integrated module for embedded applications. SyChip solutions enable next generation handheld devices such as PDAs, Cellular Phones, and Ultra-thin notebooks to quickly add high-speed Internet wireless access capabilities.

The portfolio of products is targeted at consumers and SOHO applications. The solutions are also ideal for enterprise markets allowing for an extension of corporate resources by enabling the mobile workforce and telecommuters. The designs can be used in vertical markets such as manufacturing floors, car rentals, retail spaces, and hospitals. In the consumer market, the solutions are targeted at customers designing Palm OS based PDAs and windows based PocketPCs Smartphones, Printers and Scanners. Not only do the SyChip solutions roam seamlessly among multiple 802.11b wireless network access points, they also operate in peer to peer mode (without an access point) to download data from wirelessly equipped laptops without a cradle or network connection, and can share data directly with other wireless PDAs. The solutions are intended for both consumer and enterprise applications where additional security features will be incorporated.These products are fully integrated (RF, Baseband, MAC and Memory functions) including all necessary software drivers and deliver complete IEEE 802.11b functionality thus allowing plug and play for our customers.

Performance of the SyChip solution is increased given the reduction of parasitics associated with the package architecture and reduction of the electrical distance between the ICs. The designs are ideal for power sensitive applications where battery life necessitates power saving and sleep modes. The modules are intended to support the following operating systems: Windows2000, Windows XP, Windows CE (v2.11 or greater) and Palm OS. (OS 4 and higher)

Features and Benefits:

• Very small footprint:Card Measurements: 24mm X 50mm
• Complete IEEE 802.11b functionality: Integrated BB/MAC, RF, VCO,PA and SD interface
• Reduced power consumption in standby mode
• User Definable transmit power settings in Ad Hoc Mode
• Will support Win2K, WinCE (v2.11 and higher), Palm OS (OS 4 and higher)