Siemens Sells SX56 Pocket PC Phone for GSM/GPRS

Siemens Sells SX56 Pocket PC Phone for GSM/GPRS


Delivering on the strategic alliance formed between AT&T Wireless and Microsoft Corp. this past July, AT&T Wireless today launched a new Microsoft® Mobile Workplace solution called AT&T Wireless WorkwareSM — a suite of business solutions designed to provide seamless, wireless access to company e-mail, information and other applications behind corporate firewalls. In addition, the companies announced that HP Services will serve as the preferred systems integrator for this solution and they introduced the new Siemens SX56, a Windows® Powered Pocket PC with integrated GSM™ (Global System for Mobile Communications)/GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) voice and data calling capabilities, that is customized to support applications on AT&T Wireless’ high-speed data network.

Designed to simplify and minimize the implementation efforts of corporate IT departments, AT&T Wireless WorkWare can be deployed across various devices – from laptops and Pocket PC phones today to additional Windows Powered mobile devices in the future. Both companies also said that mobile professionals could immediately begin using the new wireless features without having to learn new software protocols since they are fully integrated with familiar Microsoft applications. Furthermore, since these solutions are designed on the global standard of wireless technology, business customers can use these new wireless capabilities whether they are in Chicago or London.

“In today’s business environment, mobile professionals must stay connected to their corporate information while away from the office,” said Andre Dahan, president of AT&T Wireless Mobile Multimedia Services. “Together with Microsoft, we are offering a solution that dramatically simplifies the role of the IT department by delivering an easy to deploy, out-of-box solution. AT&T Wireless WorkWare, with its one button sync for laptops and over-the-air provisioning system for Pocket PC’s, is designed to enhance the productivity of the business user while providing the control and cost benefits demanded by the IT department. AT&T Wireless WorkWare gives companies a simple, secure, and scalable solution to meet the growing needs of the enterprise market in today’s mobile economy.”

“Businesses understand the value of anytime, anywhere access to information, and we’re committed to helping make this vision a reality,” said Pieter Knook, corporate vice president of the Network Service Providers and Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft. “Together with AT&T Wireless and HP Services, we have created a clear and simple path to deliver this value to mobile workers. AT&T Wireless Workware will give corporate IT a one-stop option for purchasing and deploying wireless data.”

Wireless Pocket PC Solutions

AT&T Wireless also introduced the Siemens SX56, a Windows Powered Pocket PC, which doubles as a phone. The Siemens SX56 is equipped with integrated GSM™ (Global System for Mobile Communications)/GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) voice and data calling capabilities, along with a bright color screen, stylish form factor, a host of Microsoft applications, Web browser and digital media support.

To speed implementation and distribution, AT&T Wireless and Microsoft developed a unique over-the-air provisioning process that allows companies to get their end-users up and running on these new Pocket PCs immediately. AT&T Wireless AirLoaderSM is a simple over-the-air provisioning and management tool that eliminates the need to for IT personnel to manually install applications and configuration settings on each device. After the provisioning is complete, customers will have easy access to corporate Exchange e-mail and data from their device. The Siemens SX56 Pocket PC will come preloaded with all of the necessary custom software that enables end-users to access their corporate email, contacts, calendar and more.

“We worked very closely with AT&T Wireless and Microsoft to pre-install all the necessary software on the Siemens SX56 Pocket PC Phone so that consumers can immediately begin using it with minimal setup time required,” said Bernt Klein, senior vice president and general manager of the Mobile Phones unit within Siemens Information and Communication Mobile LLC. “The Siemens SX56 combines all the features and functionality of a Pocket PC with the ability to place a phone call from North America, Europe or Asia. The elegance of this solution is that it can provide customers with global mobility as well as access to their private, corporate information right out of the box.”

Business customers can select from a variety of packages that include the Microsoft Mobile Information Server 2002, GPRS data service plans, and all of the necessary hardware and software to implement the wireless Pocket PC solution across their enterprise. Depending on the corporate customer’s preferences, the various packages allow customers to trial the services or begin large-scale implementations.

In a separate but related offer, AT&T Wireless will sell the Siemens SX56 Pocket PC phone to consumers and small businesses through AT&T Wireless stores and select national retail outlets in the coming weeks. The device will come preloaded with AT&T Wireless Office Online productivity software and will retail for $549.99. Additional information about this distinct offer can be found at