PalmSource Implements WideRay’s Enterprise Platform in New Corporate Headquarters

PalmSource Implements WideRay’s Enterprise Platform in New Corporate Headquarters


WideRay, an equipment and integrated platform provider focused on the on-location, wireless data services market, today announced the implementation of their enterprise platform throughout PalmSource’s new corporate headquarters. PalmSource employees, customers, licensees, partners and visitors can now use a variety of location-aware data services by connecting to Jack mobile caching servers when they visit the headquarters.

“The WideRay solution allows us to deliver a wide range of compelling services to handheld devices on campus – from application distribution for partners to document sharing with employees,” said Albert Chu, Vice President of Business Development and Wireless Strategy at PalmSource, Inc. “The platform has quickly become a key part of our network infrastructure and is an example of how Palm OS® devices can extend the use of mobility in an enterprise environment.”

Location-Specific Applications at High Speed

Jacks have been deployed at various points in the building to provide location-specific content and to enable a variety of high-speed data services on users’ Palm Powered™ devices. For example, a Jack in the main lobby allows visitors to download new software applications and PalmSource announcements; Jacks in the conference room banks provide a real-time schedule of meetings; Jacks in break rooms allow employees to access policy announcements and contact listings; and Jacks in the developer area assist in training and support. In total, approximately 10 Jacks have been deployed in the 80,000 square foot facility.

WideRay Solutions for the Enterprise

WideRay’s enterprise solution can be configured in a variety of settings and circumstances. The Jacks leverage a global wireless back-end network to easily provide connectivity to disparate or remote offices. Jacks can also be integrated directly into the organization’s local area network via a built-in Ethernet port. Jacks include an SDK for developing services and support the provisioning of 3rd-party applications to mobile devices. WideRay also offers a range of hosting options and professional services. “Whether an organization has hundreds of field offices or a single corporate location, communication with employees – as well as customers and partners – from these physical locations is extremely valuable,” said Andrew Blachman, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at WideRay. “Our enterprise product has been designed to allow corporate IT departments to simply and inexpensively deploy wireless services for handheld devices.”