Philips Unveils the iPronto TSi6400

Philips Unveils the iPronto TSi6400


I promised you specifics on the first product to use the new Philips & Intel co-developed “Pronto++” platform – and here they are! The new $1699 MSRP Philips iPronto TSi6400 wireless home control panel expands the Pronto line in a brand new direction. This device combines the best of two infotainment worlds: home theater system control and 802.11b wireless broadband Internet access. Turn on your A/V system, find out what TV programs are available via the included program guide, then browse the web to find the information you need – all without the use of your computer!

The iPronto’s unique “dashboard” user interface provides various display options and on-screen mixes of applications. As a remote control, the iPronto includes a built-in code database, full code learning abilities, full-featured macros, plus the “iProntoEdit” software package for personal customization of buttons and screens… or download thousands of existing files from an “active internet community”. You can even transfer your configuration from your PC to the iPronto wirelessly!

Below you’ll find all the specifications I currently have. One item not given was the exact screen size, but using the dimensions provided below I was able to come up with an estimate of 6.4 inches.