NTT DoCoMo to Introduce FOMA T2101V 3G Videophone

NTT DoCoMo to Introduce FOMA T2101V 3G Videophone


NTT DoCoMo, Inc. announced today that it will begin marketing the FOMA T2101V 3G mobile phone equipped both for the company’s i-motionTM video-clip transmission service and videophone on September 27, 2002.

The model’s continuous stand-by time is approximately 125 hours, the longest of any DoCoMo 3G phone, and the unit weighs just approximately 110 grams.

The T2101V can be set to save up to four 15-second or two 30-second video messages from incoming calls, which are stored directly in the phone itself and do not require the user to access a server for playback.

A special “remote sensing” feature enables the T2101V to turn on automatically in videophone mode when calls are received from up to 20 user-designated phone numbers of other video-equipped (3G-324M compatible) mobile phones.

E-mails with attached photos can be received from other digital devices, with messages appearing on the phone’s screen directly below the attached photo. The photo can be left on the screen by scrolling the message text telop-style.

In addition, the T2101V can send and playback video clips and photos stored in the phone while the user talks in videophone mode.

The camera body itself serves as a switch for turning on the camera. (The previous model requires the user to access a menu to activate the camera.) The lens can be rotated vertically 270 degrees. When the lens is rotated away from user to the back of the phone, the image is flipped vertically 180 degrees so that it doesn’t appear upside down.

All DoCoMo sales channels will sell the new model. Retail pricing will be open (unfixed). The standard accessory kit, including battery pack, AC adaptor and desktop holder, will normally cost 9,000 yen, but will be offered at the special price of 6,200 yen until the end of March 2003.