Apeera Launches Managed Mobile Peer-to-Peer Application Sharing

Apeera Launches Managed Mobile Peer-to-Peer Application Sharing


Apeera, Inc. today announces a new solution for mobile network operators, which enables mobile phone users to share applications such as mobile games, pictures, cartoons or personal files with their friends and colleagues via their handset. Apeera’s application management system provides an innovative way for operators to manage, distribute and offer applications on remote devices.

With person-to-person communication providing the greatest volume of traffic via a mobile handset, operators are seeking additional services to exploit the new features and technologies incorporated in new mobile devices.

With Apeera’s solution, applications and files are stored on a personal repository, managed and hosted by the operator, where the user can manage their files either through an interface on their handset or via an internet portal. Removing the need to store these files on the handset provides an infinite storage ‘cabinet’ that is personal to each individual user.

Bruno Suard, chief executive officer of Apeera, commented, “Mobile users are notoriously fickle and operators have been struggling to find ways of attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. As such, being able to differentiate their offering with innovative new services, while at the same time increasing revenue opportunities, is key to their future success, this is exactly what Apeera is proposing with our Managed Peer-to-Peer Sharing solution.”

The Apeera solution can be applied to a variety of services in existence in the mobile marketplace. Applications such as mobile games and files such as picture libraries and ringtones can be distributed from user to user at the push of a button.

Operators can apply a variety of revenue models to the sharing of these files, mainly through the increase in traffic through the network and the increase in services being utilised.

The Apeera solution provides a tool for operators to reduce the entry barriers for new applications and facilitate the acceptance and usage of new services. By enabling managed peer-to-peer sharing of files and applications, mobile users will be able to share applications and files with other users on the same network. The operator retains full visibility of distribution and file sharing between users, enabling them to charge effectively for the transaction.

Suard continues, “Operators are not necessarily looking for the killer application, instead, they are searching for the killer revenue model.”