Sprint Adds to PCS Vision Line-Up with the Vivid Color and High-Speed...

Sprint Adds to PCS Vision Line-Up with the Vivid Color and High-Speed Samsung N400


Wireless industry innovators Sprint (FON, PCS), which operates the largest all-digital, all-PCS nationwide network, and Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung), the number three wireless handset distributor in the U.S., today introduced the PCS Phone by Samsung N400, offering wireless phone users a new dimension in wireless communication. The N400’s vibrant, full-color screen and high-speed data access expands the wireless experience, allowing users to take advantage of the benefits of PCS Vision from Sprint.

PCS Vision enables customers to use their Vision-enabled PCS Devices to take and receive pictures, check personal and corporate e-mail, play games with full-color graphics and polyphonic sounds and browse the Internet wirelessly with speeds comparable to a home computer’s dial-up connection. The shift to providing clarity you can see and hear has revolutionized virtually every aspect of wireless service from Sprint to provide the introduction of applications, features and devices that no other wireless carrier in the nation can match.

Building on Samsung’s design of the hugely popular SCH-3500 and SPH-N200, the sleek N400 integrates a unique flip-up form factor, speakerphone and features a 65,536-color screen, making screensavers and pictures come alive with vibrant color. Additionally, users will enjoy the N400’s animated icon driven menu, simplifying menu navigation, as well as polyphonic ringers, pictures and high-speed Internet access to support new and enhanced applications. Specifically, the N400 supports the following PCS Vision applications:

Pictures – Sprint offers a miniature digital PCS Vision Camera (sold separately) to capture, view and instantly send images wirelessly using the PCS Phone by Samsung N400.

Web -PCS Vision provides an improved Web experience with downloads, icons and full-color graphic versions of popular Internet sites.

Games – PCS Vision enables Sprint and its development partners to move the wireless game experience from the text-based games of today to graphically rich, full-color brand name games on Vision-enabled PCS Phones using the Java 2 platform, Micro Edition (J2METM).

Ringers – Sprint was the first to offer polyphonic ringtones and now, with Vision-enabled PCS Phones from Sprint, users can express even more personality with hundreds of unique downloadable ringers, including the latest music releases, showtunes and sound effects that can be assigned to specific numbers in the address book.

Messaging – PCS Vision makes wireless messaging services from Sprint an extension of the desktop experience with fully functioning Web-based PCS Mail, PCS Short Mail, Wireless Chat by Jumbuck and Messaging Fun games by Scan Mobile.

Screen Savers – PCS Vision allows customers to personalize their wireless service by wirelessly downloading screen savers right from their phone, many featuring synchronized animation.

“The PCS Phone N400 builds upon Samsung’s unique flip-up form factor by adding even more phone features that clearly bring to life the advanced services of PCS Vision,” said John Garcia, senior vice president of sales and distribution for the PCS Division of Sprint. “Now Sprint wireless customers can clearly hear and see the difference with the N400 built-in speakerphone, full-color screen for web browsing and games, ringtones that sound like real music and pictures that can be instantly viewed and shared nationwide.”

“Samsung is a leader in third generation technologies and with the introduction of the N400 and PCS Vision from Sprint, consumers will have the opportunity to experience a new world of wireless communication,” said Peter Skarzynski, senior vice president of Samsung’s wireless terminals division. “Samsung is focused on raising the bar in wireless technology by including in the N400 such advanced features as full-color screens, high-speed Internet access and entertaining game options.”

Packaged in a sleek and stylish design, the PCS Phone by Samsung N400 hosts the following innovative features:

Super Twisted Nematic (STN) LCD screen: 128 x 128 pixel, full-color screen provides a vibrant, multi-dimensional experience when viewing screensavers and games.
Polyphonic Ringers (16-tone for enhanced quality melody ringers with rich full sound) and Games
Personal Organizer
Airplane mode: The N400’s airplane mode allows users to access
Personal Organizer information and play games in-flight without phone connectivity.
High luminescent blue keypad backlighting – the very latest in color accent
Spanish Language Option
3.98 oz
4.25″ x 2.0″ x 0.82″
Lithium Ion battery; 2.9 hrs talk/up to 7 days standby