Sonicblue, Intel Tout Mini Video Player

Sonicblue, Intel Tout Mini Video Player


SONICblue™ Incorporated and Intel Corporation today announced that they are working together to develop the ReplayTV® Portable Video Player (PVP), a new product that will allow people to enjoy digital entertainment on the go.

The product, currently in development, combines the performance and low power consumption of Intel® XScale™ technology-based processors with SONICblue’s Emmy award-winning ReplayTV platform. The pocket-sized device will allows users to watch time-shifted television programs transferred from their SONICblue ReplayTV, as well as play video, audio and photos transferred from a PC.

Intel will provide key technology building blocks, including Intel XScale technology-based processors and advanced video codecs developed by Intel’s Emerging Platforms Lab. Intel will also supply a reference implementation of a PVP device. SONICblue will combine Intel’s technologies with its knowledge and understanding of digital entertainment to create a final product that enhances SONICblue’s ReplayTV line.

“Our customers have been saying for years that once they get a ReplayTV they hate to watch TV without one,” said Dr. Nikhil Balram, vice president, Connected Home Products, SONICblue Incorporated. “The next logical step for us was to create a portable version, and working with Intel was a natural fit. Expanding upon their technology will allow us to accelerate our typical development time and reach our customers faster.”

SONICblue’s PVP will house a large capacity hard drive and support multiple audio and video formats, including native ReplayTV files, so recorded television content can be transferred directly from ReplayTV set-top boxes for portable enjoyment. The SONICblue ReplayTV PVP will also connect to a PC so that users can transfer and play personal, MP3 and other commercially available multimedia content from their PC. The high-performance and low power consumption of the Intel XScale technology-based processors will enable users to enjoy high-quality video for several hours without recharging the battery.

“Intel XScale technology provides a great engine to power mobile multimedia devices such as PVPs,” said Shane Wall, general manager of Intel’s Emerging Platforms Lab. “The combination of our technologies with SONICblue’s expertise in digital entertainment will deliver products that offer a great, new experience in portable entertainment.”

The SONICblue ReplayTV PVP is slated to be available to the public in 2003.

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