Sony DSC-FX77 Brings Wireless Connectivity to Cyber-shot with Bluetooth

Sony DSC-FX77 Brings Wireless Connectivity to Cyber-shot with Bluetooth


The announcement today by Sony Europe of its first Bluetooth enabled Digital Still Camera represents a significant advance in the design and operation of Sony cameras. This advanced feature lets the user share information with a range of computers and other devices supported by Bluetooth BIP (Basic Imaging Profile) from a distance of up to 10 m without any cable connection. Data transfer between the camera and a range of devices is smart, fun and convenient. As more and more peripheral devices develop BIP Bluetooth interfaces, the future vision of a wireless world comes closer to being reality.

“The DSC-FX77 uses Basic Imaging Profile, a Bluetooth profile that works ’peer to peer’ between the camera and peripheral, helping to ensure fast, reliable and accurate data transfer,” commented Akihiro Nishikawa, Director, Sony Digital Imaging Europe. This state-of-the-art wireless connectivity allows the camera to interface to various peripheral devices without cables. For example, a BIP compatible laptop computer can be used to store images, with a full 4 Mega picture taking around 47 seconds to transfer whilst a VGA resolution image takes just 1.5 seconds.

Another significant feature created by Bluetooth connectivity is the ability to remotely control and shoot with the camera from a laptop today, and in the future, from other BIP supported devices. This feature creates a ’real-time camera’ with a thumbnail picture transmitted from the camera to the remote device at a data rate of 6.5 frames per second.

“Today, the AV and IT worlds are converging rapidly. Not only does this new camera offer sophisticated connectivity options, also it breaks the mould in the way digital cameras look and feel,” commented Akihiro Nishikawa. “Wherever you are, you can be certain that these cameras will make an impact – through their style, their versatility and their ability to shoot high quality pictures.”

Smart camera shoots great pictures

Alongside the Bluetooth technology, Sony has developed and integrated a host of advanced digital photography features. These include a Carl Zeiss Distagon lens (F2.8, 37mm) and a 4.0Megapixel Sony Super HAD CCD to provide outstanding image quality in any shooting conditions. The lens is housed within a rotating unit, a feature which enhances user creativity – you can even turn the lens through more than 180 degrees for example to take a self protrait, using the camera’s LCD to frame the shot.

Sony’s new Smart Zoom technology provides up to 3.5x zoom capabilities, depending on picture resolution. Smart Zoom operates in a different way from other zoom technologies, providing telephoto features with no image deterioration. The camera comes with an extensive selection of prescribed scene mode settings, including twilight, twilight portrait, landscape and soft snap.

Thanks to high speed power up, short shutter interval and shutter time lag this camera ranks amongst one of the fastest Sony Cyber-shot models.

The DSC-FX77 features a cradle which offers various solutions. A USB interface and connection for quick and easy image download to a PC, a power supply for recharging batteries and an AV cable connection to televisions.The camera is supplied with image transfer software developed to help transfer and upload your favourite shots automatically to a selected directory on your PC.

The DSC-FX77 will be available from November 2002.