Nokia Unveils New 3650 Video Phone

Nokia Unveils New 3650 Video Phone


The introduction of the Nokia 3650 today clearly marks the beginning of a new era for the Series 60, the software platform of choice for developing and deploying applications that harness multimedia messaging, content downloading and browsing in a small and dynamic package. The Nokia 3650 is the first product to give the Series 60 platform global availability by operating wherever there are GSM 900/1800/1900 GPRS networks available throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

“The Nokia 3650 is the next must-have device that defines what an imaging phone must do,” said Jouko Hayrynen, Vice President, Forum Nokia, Nokia’s global developer program. “It will captivate the consumer market and introduce mobile messaging to new consumers young and old. For all of us, our first mobile phone completely changed how we communicate. This phone, we feel, will reshape the market in the very same way.”

The Series 60 is a software platform designed for smart phones characterized by color screens, rich communications and enhanced applications. The software platform consists of key telephony and personal information management applications, browser, messaging clients and a complete and modifiable user interface,

“The Series 60 platform provides the rich creative environment mobile application developers have been waiting for,” said John Chasey, Managing Director for Ioma, a U.K.-based mobile games developer.

The Series 60 platform is optimized to run on top Symbian OS. Nokia licenses the Series 60 to other mobile handset vendors who will be able to integrate the software platform into their own application-driven phone designs. Thus far, Matsushita, Siemens and Samsung have licensed Series 60. This presents developers with a compelling opportunity to create a new wave of applications and services for global deployment on handsets from multiple manufacturers.

Developers can use the Series 60 software developer kit (SDK) to develop applications for the global Nokia 3650 market. The Series 60 SDK includes the libraries and APIs needed to create content for Java, C++, Browsing (XHTML) and MMS. Information and assistance is available through Nokia’s global developer program, Forum Nokia (, which connects developers to tools, information and support. Forum Nokia also offers global and regional application sales channels that reach operators and enterprises (Nokia Tradepoint, ), as well as consumers (Nokia Software Market,

The Nokia 3650 follows the Nokia 7650 imaging phone introduced in the European and Asia-Pacific markets earlier this year. Mobile phone users around the world can now enjoy easy-to-use and fun new mobile services, such as mobile games, multimedia messaging and video clips. In addition to enabling creative and fun features, the Nokia 3650 will also provide business users with a wide range of business applications, such as corporate e-mail access, calendar, to-do lists and contact applications.

Nokia’s new imaging handset extends the company’s support for Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), a service which allows consumers and mobile business users to send messages combining text, images, graphics and sound in a single “rich” message. Nokia, the expert in mobility, supports MMS with a complete end-to-end solution for deployment that includes mobile network infrastructure, mobile terminals, content and service development tools and applications.

For developers, the combination of the Series 60 platform and the Nokia 3650 remove hurdles and create opportunities. “The Series 60 opens up the creative possibilities and the development environment is easy to use. It adds up to a breakthrough in mobile entertainment services,” said John Chasey of Iomo. Iomo has taken advantage of the integrated camera on phones like the Nokia 3650 and the Nokia 7650, and the unique capabilities of the Series 60 platform to create an application that allows users to customize photos, store them, embed them in games and share them between mobile users.

Key aspects of the Nokia 3650:

User Interface – Based on the Nokia Series 60 platform, the Nokia 3650 features a large, high resolution, active matrix color display (176 x 208 pixels) with 4096 colors and a 5-way rocker navigation key providing users with easy-to-use, one-handed operation.

Supported Technologies -JavaTM: J2ME/MIDP, Symbian OS, WAP2.0/XHTML browser, and inter-device communications via Bluetooth or Infra-red (IR), all of which enable personalization of the phone and downloading of applications.

Key Features – The Nokia 3650 features a high-quality VGA camera and a video player, and a unique, ergonomic keypad.

Specifications – The Nokia 3650 weighs 130 g and has 4 MB internal user memory, which can be expanded with an MMC memory card to enable flexible storage for more pictures, games, or other files. The new compact and lightweight 850 mAh Li-Ion battery provides a talk time of up to 4 hours, a standby time of up to 8 days and a fast charging time of approximately one hour.

Target Audience – The Nokia 3650 is an imaging handset in Nokia’s high-volume “Expression” category, designed to appeal to a mass-market audience of those who are free-spirited, expressive and young-at-heart.

The Nokia 3650 will be available globally in early 2003.

Also today, Nokia announced the new Nokia 3510i, which features a high-quality color display, multimedia messaging (MMS) and Java(TM) technology for downloadable games and other applications. The Nokia 3510i is another important demonstration of Nokia’s strong commitment of bringing phones with JavaTM technology to the mass market. The Nokia 3510i, slated for Europe and Africa, is expected to begin shipping in the fourth quarter, 2002.