Guyver – World’s first PDA sled with a universal PC Card Slot

Guyver – World’s first PDA sled with a universal PC Card Slot


Guyver is a snap on / sled / slot / adapter with a universal PCMCIA card slot for Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) devices such as the Palm m500 series and the Sony Clie. Guyver comes with an ultra-thin and elegant metal jacket. It can accommodate a large selection of Type II PCMCIA cards for wireless communications on various data networks.

This PDA jacket has its own built-in processor, which is powered by a lithium polymer rechargeable battery, to intelligently link up the PDA operating system with the designated PC card under the control of factory installed firmware. The result is that the user no longer needs to go through the tedious process of installing drivers onto the PDA or Pocket PC, or setting up myriads of parameters before being able to match up a PC card with the PDA/Pocket PC.

The Guyver is a “plug and go” device and it gives the owner the flexibility of choosing the PC cards to fulfill different communication requirements. As the pace of the deployment of wireless LAN and 2.5G/3G network communication technologies quickens, the Guyver is the only device that will always optimize your PDA performance while ensuring compatibility with different wireless networks.