Benefon and Pointer Systems Develop GPS/GSM for Dogs

Benefon and Pointer Systems Develop GPS/GSM for Dogs


Benefon has together with Pointer Solutions, a leader in positioning solutions for hunting, and Arbonaut, a leader in location messaging, developed a dog-radar solution. The Pointer dog-radar solution consists of a GPS/GSM module in a harness for the dog, and the hunters’ GPS/GSM navigation instrument.

The device shows the dogs’ and the other hunters’ locations and directions of movement on the map screen. The hunter can also set the device to track the dog continuously, thus seeing in real-time how the dog is moving and how far away it is. You can also call the dog module and listen to the sounds of the dog and its surroundings.

The solution means increased safety for both hunters and dogs. It also ads a new element of convenience for the problems hunters have faced earlier in knowing where their dogs are and finding them. Hunting has thus become much more interesting. You can learn how the dog is doing his work and how the game is behaving. The distance between the hunter and the dog is of no importance, you can see the exact location of the dog on your map screen, in which direction it is going and how fast. It eliminates the harms with dog following.

The devices are designed to endure rough conditions; water, snow and extreme temperatures. The solution was tested by several hunters in different hunting conditions during last winter and the test results were very encouraging. The hunting season has now began in Finland and the solution is in real-life use. The customer feedback has been very positive.

The solution is now available in Finland from Pointer Solutions, the intention is to expand in Europe in the near future.