Beamer Unveils Instant Video Phone

Beamer Unveils Instant Video Phone


Vialta, Inc., developer of unique and innovative home entertainment and communications products, today launched Beamer™, the first Phone Video Station (PVS)™. Beamer instantly adds color motion video to phone calls, enabling users to see the person they are speaking with. Beamer is compatible with any home phone over any standard (analog) phone line at no additional cost compared to a regular phone call.

Created and developed entirely in house by Vialta’s engineering and design teams, Beamer serves to enhance the way people communicate using their telephones. Beamer does not require any additional equipment or wiring, and there are no additional monthly fees or service plans associated with the product – consumers simply use their existing home phones and phone service. Beamer is as easy to use as your phone. It represents the first release in a new category of consumer products – the Phone Video Station.

“Think of all the times you’ve placed a call and wanted to see the person on the other end of the line. We’ve made that possible with Beamer, a product that is simple enough for anyone to use, ” said Didier Pietri, president and chief executive of Vialta. “Now all you have to do is pick up the phone, dial your friend or family member and really see what you’ve been missing.”

How Beamer Works It takes just a few minutes to have Beamer up and running. Simply plug the phone line into Beamer and Beamer into the phone, then call another Beamer owner and hit “start.” Video is then sent to the other party at up to 15 frames per second. As a protective feature for the other party, the unit displays a message on the screen until the called party presses the start button and transmits video back to the caller.

Additionally, during a Beamer phone call you can use the snapshot feature to send a high-resolution still-image to the other party. The snapshot feature doubles as a privacy mode and temporarily halts any new video transmission for as long as desired.

Beamer has three viewing options: The “Self” view allows users to view just themselves; the “Other Party” view shows just the person the caller is speaking to; and the “Combo” view displays both parties on the call.

Beamer’s Stylish Design Vialta’s internal design studio has taken Beamer from conceptualization through prototype development, resulting in a sleek, ultra-slim design that is an ideal marriage of form and function. The muted two-tone color scheme and purity of line give Beamer a modern yet understated persona that fits any home environment.

Pricing and Availability Beamer BM-80 will roll out nationally in mid-August and is expected to be available in Best Buy, Comp USA, and Fry’s Electronics by mid-September. Beamer is also available online at Beamer’s MSRP for the twin-pack, which contains two individually packed units, is $499.99. The MSRP for a single unit is $299.99.