Samsung Introduces the SGH-T100 Mobile Phone to Europe and the Middle East

Samsung Introduces the SGH-T100 Mobile Phone to Europe and the Middle East


SGH-T100, the first GSM mobile phone to be built with a TFT LCD display, has an aerodynamic design like that of a sleek sports car. Breaking away from the typical chunky body, the SGH-T100 phone has rounded every corner dramatically improving the grip on the phone. The folder-style phone has a large color LCD display showing 128X160 pixels. Still, it comfortably fits within your palm, which makes it highly portable. Users can pick any wallpaper they want for the TFT LCD display. In addition to the high resolution TFT LCD display, users can also enjoy 16-poly ring tone melodies to express their unique individuality.

Features & Specifications

The phone is built with a large TFT color LCD display (128 X 160 pixels) of the best quality, manufactured with the world’s most advanced technology. The TFT color LCD shows crisp colors in high clarity and high resolution, never seen in the existing color LCD displays. Since users can choose from a variety of animations for the wallpaper, it gets more funnier every time the user opens the phone. What’s more, users can edit and create on their PCs their own images from photos and picture files, and then put them on the display as the wallpaper. The Menu Color gives users more choices in designating designing the overall color tone of the display.

16 Poly Ring tone Tone Melody

Unlike the conventional beep sounds, the 16-poly ring tone melody plays clear and soft music with various instrument sounds in harmony. The ring tone can be used for incoming calls and alarm alerts. Speed dial to access ring tone select menu is another fascinating feature. Users can download from PCs any poly melody that suits the way they feel. The 16-poly ring tone melody is so pleasant to hear that users will wait for calls just to listen to it.

Aero Dynamic dynamic Design

The futuristic, aerodynamic design embodies the state-of-the-art technology applied in the phone. Its ergonomic design greatly improves the grip on the phone.

Dual LCD Display

The external LCD display shows caller IDs so that users can identify the caller without even opening the phone. The display also shows the current time, date, signal strength meter, and battery meter. The external LCD display glimmering mysteriously with sapphire-blue backlighting is the trademark of the Samsung phones.

Voice Functions (Voice Command, Dialing & Memo)

Users can select frequently used features beforehand to save avoid going through the menus. By simply opening the phone and stating saying the function or the phone number, users can activate what is needed. Twenty different voice commands and the voice dialing function for up to 20 numbers will provide every service you need without your doing manual work.


The phone can memorize up to 500 phone numbers that can be with easily retrieval.

Create your Own Melody Creation

With the T100, users can personalize their melody by composing or editing. (Mono Poly)


In addition to its fashionable outlook, the durability of T100 models has been proven through the opening and closing test of the phone 60,000 times.


Playful new games backed by in a color LCD and with 16-poly melody that will provide users with more fun and excitement that none of the old-fashioned games could give.

PC Link For GSM

By using the CD and cable that come with the package, users can maximize the unique capabilities merits of the T100 phone. The CD contains 200 color images and 200 melodies that will give the user’s phone new features everyday. With the image download program, users can design their own phone into the a unique one of its kind.