Sprint Introduces Clarity You Can See and Hear With Nationwide Availability of...

Sprint Introduces Clarity You Can See and Hear With Nationwide Availability of PCS VisionSM


Sprint, the company that for years has delivered unmatched clarity with crystal-clear service, today brings clarity to a whole new level by introducing PCS VisionSM, a next generation wireless service that is headed to retail stores and Sprint business channels nationwide beginning next week.

Wireless customers want advanced wireless services that keep them connected to people, images and information wherever they work, learn, play and communicate. PCS Vision will offer those services nationwide, along with peak data speeds 10 times faster than available previously and improved applications, thanks to the strength of the enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network.

Initially, PCS Vision will include services that allow consumer and business customers to use their Vision-enabled PCS Devices to take and receive pictures, check personal and corporate e-mail, play games with full-color graphics and polyphonic sounds and browse the Internet wirelessly with speeds comparable to a home computer’s dial-up connection. The shift to providing clarity you can see and hear has revolutionized virtually every aspect of wireless service from Sprint. Results include significant advances to network, products, content management, training and back-office systems to provide the introduction of applications, features and devices that no other wireless carrier in the nation can match.

“Our customers tell us they’re ready for a wireless device that does more than make a phone call,” said William T. Esrey, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sprint. “PCS Vision brings together all the devices, applications and content that make it faster and easier than ever for Sprint customers to communicate, access information, entertain themselves, conduct transactions and take their desktops with them wherever they are across our enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network, which covers more people than any other next generation wireless network in the country and provides a single technology that allows services and features to work the same everywhere. PCS Vision opens up a whole new mobile window to the world with clarity you can see and hear.”

PCS Vision Applications

PCS Vision applications bring together multiple types of media that allow Sprint wireless customers to do more than just make clear calls. Initial PCS Vision applications include:

Pictures –
Sprint will offer a miniature digital PCS Vision Camera to capture, view and instantly send images wirelessly using select Vision-capable PCS Phones from Sprint. The Pictures application from PCS Vision provides a fun, social way to instantly share experiences with family and friends from anywhere on the enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network. Sprint Pictures customers can also upload and store their pictures on the Sprint Pictures Web site designed, developed, deployed and managed by LightSurf.

PCS Business ConnectionSM –
Now companies have an affordable, network-based solution to provide their mobile workforce with secure, real-time wireless access to corporate data and applications such as e-mail, calendar, company directories and personal contacts via their Vision-enabled PCS Phones, handheld computers or laptops with PCS Business ConnectionSM Enterprise Edition. Individuals who want to increase productivity with real-time access to their Microsoft Outlook® or Lotus Notes® corporate email on their PCS Vision Phone or wirelessly connected device can take advantage of PCS Business ConnectionSM Personal Edition. The software-based version can be set up in minutes, requires no hardware installation and provides an affordable way for customers to view, reply and delete their email in real-time without having to synchronize when they get back to the office.

Web –
Customers can enjoy immediate access to people and interesting, useful information whenever and wherever they want on the enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network. PCS Vision provides an improved Web experience with downloads, icons and full-color graphic versions of popular Internet sites such as E! Online, Google, ESPN.com, weather.com from The Weather Channel® and Amazon.com.

Real-Time High-Speed Connectivity on Laptops and PDAs –
The mobile workforce can realize the meaning of true mobility with high-speed access to information when and where they need it. Business customers can use the PCS Connection CardTM with a laptop to access the Internet and their corporate networks. To further enhance the customer experience, Sprint has fully integrated Bytemobile’s compression technology into the enhanced Nationwide PCS Network. When using a PCS Connection Card with a laptop or PDA, customers will experience the benefits of compression for some applications, including Web browsing and accessing or downloading files from the Web. The compression enables data speeds two to five times faster than average user speeds on the enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network, depending on the specific application.

Messaging –
Have a conversation without all the talking. PCS Vision makes wireless messaging services from Sprint an extension of the desktop experience with fully functioning Web-based PCS Mail, PCS Short Mail, Wireless Chat by Jumbuck and Messaging Fun games by Scan Mobile.

Ringers –
Sprint was the first to offer polyphonic ringtones and now, with Vision-enabled PCS Phones from Sprint, users can express even more personality with hundreds of unique downloadable ringers, including the latest music releases, showtunes and sound effects that can be assigned to specific numbers in the address book. A sample of available ringers includes Disney’s “Mickey Mouse March,” “Fallin” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” the theme to Charlie’s Angels and snoring. Some new ringers are synchronized with animation for an enhanced experience. All Ringers can be downloaded wirelessly right from a Vision-enabled PCS Phone.

Games –
Have fun in your spare time by playing exciting full-color action, adventure, casino, puzzle and sports games that can be wirelessly downloaded right to your phone. PCS Vision enables Sprint and its development partners, including Sega Mobile, THQ, Midway and Cybiko, to move the wireless game experience from the text-based games of today to graphically rich, full-color brand name games on Vision-enabled PCS Phones using the Java 2 platform, Micro Edition (J2METM).

Screen Savers –
PCS Vision allows customers to personalize their wireless service by wirelessly downloading screen savers right from their phone, many featuring synchronized animation. Screen savers can be assigned to specific numbers in your device’s address book, making it easy to see who is calling. Available screen savers include Disney characters, Men in Black II images, college logos, fun sayings, patriotic symbols and animated images.

Digital Imaging for Business –
Companies with photo-intensive documentation and visual communications needs can provide employees with a faster, more seamless and cost effective way to capture, transmit, manage and store images. Sprint will work with ActivePhoto to provide imaging solutions tailored for enterprise customers using a Ricoh RDC-i700 camera configured for the appropriate application and a PCS Connection CardTM. This will be particularly valuable to industries including media, insurance, real estate, construction and architecture. The service is expected to be available with PCS Vision in September.

Sprint plans to continue enriching the customer experience throughout the remainder of this year and into 2003 with an ever-evolving set of applications, content and new capabilities such as streaming audio and video, and even faster data speeds.

Following the same principle of clarity that Sprint brought to nationwide voice calling, each application will be represented with an icon that conveys the easy-to-learn, easy-to-use concept of PCS Vision. All customer touchpoints — packaging, advertising, collateral, www.sprintpcs.com — will feature the PCS Vision icons allowing customers to know at a glance which application is represented and how it can enable them to take more of their personal technology and business tools with them wherever they want to be.