Telstra Mobile m-Commerce

Telstra Mobile m-Commerce


Telstra has announced that eligible mobile and communic8 customers will be able to use their post-paid GSM mobile phones to pay for parking under Telstra’s latest Mobile Commerce (m-Commerce) trial, proposed to be made available in the coming weeks.

The Australian-first three-month trial allows customers to use their mobile phones to pay for parking near Bronte Beach in Sydney.

As part of the service if a customer purchases more than ten minutes of parking Telstra will send an SMS reminder informing them of the expiry time*. Customers should not rely on this SMS alone to remember to move their car.

The trial follows Telstra and Coca-Cola’s highly successful Dial-a-Coke m-Commerce trial at Sydney’s Central Station, which saw more than 10,000 cans of soft drink purchased via Telstra mobile phones between May 2001 and April 2002.

Telstra Mobile, Managing Director of Wireless Data Solutions, Mr Craig Cameron, said the launch of the trial was another example of Telstra’s leadership in providing mobile data solutions that may improve the everyday lives of its customers.

“Our customers have consistently told us they want the convenience of being able to use their mobiles to pay for a whole range of goods and services. Soon, we believe a customer’s mobile phone will become their personal payment device, as essential as their wallet,” he said.

“The research we conducted following the Dial-a-Coke trial highlighted convenience and being short of change as the main drivers for using an m-Commerce solution.”

“The potential for m-Commerce is virtually unlimited and we can do it now on our existing network. We are currently exploring a range of services that can also be delivered by m-Commerce. We are also keen to work with financial institutions to develop long term solutions for m-Commerce as part of our commitment to delivering a quick and convenient m-Commerce option for our customers,” Mr Cameron said.

The trial is being conducted in partnership with the City of Waverley in Sydney where customers can use their mobile phone and council issued SmartCards and CDS World Wide who manufactured the meters.

CDS Worldwide Marketing Director, Mr Michael Silberberg, said Australian company CDS Worldwide had developed and supplied the m-Commerce parking meters as its first step in delivering digital payment solutions. The on street parking solutions make it much easier and more convenient for motorists to pay for parking.

To use m-Commerce, customers park in one of the specially designated multi-parking bays and select the bay number and the amount of time they wish to purchase on the parking meter. The screen on the parking meter will then prompt them to swipe their SmartCard, or pay via their Telstra Mobile.

If the customer chooses to make an m-Commerce transaction, they will be prompted to call a 1900 number. The customer will receive confirmation of the transaction via a recorded voice announcement on their mobile phone and the parking meter screen will show how many minutes to expiry, expiry time and the parking fee.

Customers are not able to ‘top-up’ their meter remotely via the mobile phone and can only purchase the legal maximum amount for that meter using their mobile.

Customers will incur a 55c charge, in addition to the cost of the parking, which covers the use of the service; there is no additional charge for the SMS. The charge, including the parking fee, will appear on the customer’s next Telstra phone bill.

The trial service is only available to post-paid Telstra Mobile and communic8 GSM customers whose mobiles have access to IDD and 1900 numbers. Customers must have their Caller Line ID turned on.