(PAL) Portable Audio Laboratory

(PAL) Portable Audio Laboratory


Ever wish you could enjoy the Model One’s trademark sound quality and reception outdoors? You can, if you have a PAL. The Henry Kloss Portable Audio Laboratory’s treated 2.5″ magnetically shielded driver and rubberized cabinet are weather resistant, so your PAL can keep you company by the pool or the patio. And it’s environmentally-friendly rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride battery pack has no memory and fully charges in about 3 hours, providing many hours of cordless playback*.

The clever little green LED serves as both a power and battery status indicator. The PAL borrows the same geared-down 5:1ratio analog tuning dial as used in our critically acclaimed Model One radio for easy, accurate tuning. Also on tap is an auxiliary input to connect a CD, MP3 player, or other device, and a stereo headphone output for private listening (headphones not included), as a recording output, or to use the PAL as a high-quality outboard tuner.

The tuner features Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) which locks on to the center of the station for best reception and lowest distortion, while the adjustable telescoping FM antenna extends and rotates for improved FM reception (there is also a built-in AM antenna).

Perhaps most amazing of all is its expansive sound which must be heard to be believed. Offered in a profusion of fun colors, your new PAL is sure to be the life of the party, and you don’t have to feed him.

Can’t decide which color to buy? Why not collect them all? After all, you can never have too many PALs. NiMH battery pack and AC adaptor included. One year warranty.