SCOTTeVEST 2.5 Released with New Look and Features


    SCOTTeVEST™ LLC introduces the SCOTTeVEST™ Version 2.5 to help consumers manage and carry a multitude of gadgets and peripherals. The first product line to incorporate the patent-pending Technology Enabled Clothing™ (TEC) system, the SCOTTeVEST integrates technology, luggage and apparel to allow people to discreetly hold, conceal AND connect several electronic devices including cell phones, pagers, PDAs (personal digital assistant) and CD/MP3 players.

    With an improved look and new convenient features, including a hood, ID holder, earbud pockets, magnets to keep the jacket closed, the SCOTTeVEST 2.5 includes all the great features of the original and Versions 2.0 and 2.0s-SPORT. Made from hi-tek performance, lightweight, water and wind resistant micro-fiber, Version 2.5 has zip-off sleeves and is designed for a variety of activities including travel, business, golfing, hiking, and photography.

    The unisex SCOTTeVEST Version 2.5 will be available in royal blue and black and exclusively at for $139.99. Also, the unlined SCOTTeVEST Version 2.5s-SPORT will available in stone for $129.99.

    With the popularity of the SCOTTeVEST growing among men and women, the company is meeting consumer demand by introducing – for a limited time – its first version designed especially for women, SCOTTeVEST Version 2.5W as well leather version, SCOTTeVEST Version 2.5 LE-limited edition.

    “The proliferation of technology into our daily lives is only going to increase as consumers look to electronic conveniences like cell phones,” said Scott Jordan, CEO and founder of SCOTTeVEST LLC. “The concept of combining technology, luggage and apparel to create a product like the SCOTTeVEST is a natural next step and the success of the eVEST to date proves that it works.”

    With 19 hidden, ergonomically designed pockets and TEC’s patent pending Personal Area Network (PAN) comprised of a concealed conduit system inside the lining to accommodate wires and accessories, the SCOTTeVEST keeps consumers connected at all times without the headaches of tangled wires. This unique jacket gives users a truly hands-free experience by eliminating the need for bulky computer hardware accessories like belt clips and awkward carrying cases. The SCOTTeVEST can be used as an extra carry-on while traveling. Consumers simply put it through the x-ray instead of removing (and turning on/off) electronic devices.