The Snowcrash Netsurfer Mini Workstation

The Snowcrash Netsurfer Mini Workstation


Netsurfer emerged from Snowcrash´s search for new forms of furniture compa-tible with new technologies. Abandoning the conventional combination of chair and desk, the NETSURFER rethinks our relationship to the computer and our surfing requirements. The semi-reclining position with the screen at eye level is designed to be comfortable for long periods. Pillows support the neck and lower back, arms and legs are supported on adjustable arm and footrests.

Ilkka Terho, designer; “When we got the first computer in our office, a big slow thing, we were more or less playing around. We wondered why it just sat on the table. There was the technology and there was the furniture, but there was no connection. It was just the time when people started buying computers for their homes but nobody was doing new sorts of furniture. We began to test out different ideas using bits of furniture in our very messy office. We came up with this idea based on a motorcycle and the way you have the engine between your legs. It was a bit tongue in cheek – all those phrases like the information highway were in the air at the time.”

Photograph: Urban Hedlund