Pioneer Launches PCR-AR20 Inflatable Aircraft Speaker

Pioneer Launches PCR-AR20 Inflatable Aircraft Speaker


Pioneer Corp. will launch a craft speaker and an aircraft speaker, both of which are designed for portable audio appliances.

The company has already launched portable speakers, such as a paper craft speaker, a pillow-shaped speaker named Music Pillow, and a speaker usable in a bathroom named Happy Aqua. They are more like sundries than appliances because users can use them wherever they are.

The Craft Speaker (Model number: PCR-50-L/W) is cubical and connected to a headphone plug to use, and neither an amplifier nor a power supply is required. It can be folded when not in use. Recyclable polypropylene is used for housing and the speaker box.

The Aircraft Speaker (Model number: PCR-AR20-W) is inflatable and can be set up with suckers to use. It does not need an amplifier and a power supply, and all that is required is to connect it to a headphone plug. The speaker box is coated with simplified waterproof treatment that is splash proof in compliance with the Japan Industrial Standards.