Keyboard Overlay to Ease and Speed up Text Entry on PDAs and...

Keyboard Overlay to Ease and Speed up Text Entry on PDAs and Small Electronic Devices


Belmont, California, EXideas has announced its latest text entry solution for Palm OS PDAs. Based on EXideas’ patent-protected technology, MessagEaseST™ runs on Palm OS devices and supports a paper-thin keyboard overlay on PDA’s Graffiti area. MessagEaseST™ also provides virtual keyboard support for Sony Clie™ NR70, providing a complete software alternative to Palm OS’s Graffiti. Currently in advanced beta and available for download through MessagEase’s growing Yahoo users group, MessagEaseST™ provides fast, intuitive, and accurate full-text entry for Palm OS devices.

“The overwhelming users response for our first two products has proven the intuitiveness and superiority of MessagEase’s technology over Graffiti, soft QWERTY, and many other available techniques,” said Saied B. Nesbat, Ph.D., President and CEO of EXideas, Inc.
Based on an ingenuous directional matrix entry scheme and letter frequency Di-grams, MessagEase’s technology utilizes Fitts’ Law to reduce keyboard size and minimize movements required for text entry. MessagEase’s keyboard includes all ASCII characters. Additionally, MessagEaseST™ includes Palm’s commonly used commands, Macro capability, and text shortcuts. MessagEase™ technology provides the ideal solution for wireless/mobile text entry, instant messaging, and text messaging.

Applicable to any small electronic device, MessagEase technology is a universal text entry system. It is language independent, demonstrated by its implemented Japanese Katakana. In addition to PDAs and tablet computers, MessagEase enhances text entry on cell phones, remote controllers, car navigation systems, and any other mobile device where space is limited but full text entry is desired.

Currently, MessagEase™ and MessagEaseKB™ programs are available for download from and many other Palm download sites. MessagEaseST™ overlays will be commercially available in early August, but the program as well as the overlay artwork is now available from MessagEase’s Yahoo users group.