Fuji Unveils a USB 2.0 Mini Drive

Fuji Unveils a USB 2.0 Mini Drive


To underscore the universal ease of use of data storage technology, the Computer Products Division of Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. today expands its complete line of data storage products with the introduction of its new USB (Universal Serial Bus) Drive, Fujifilm’s new driverless, portable storage device.

Operating without AC or battery power, the new Fujifilm USB Drive (on the Web at: www.fujifilmmediasource.com/usbdrive) product is currently available in 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256 MB storage capacities. Fujifilm will ship the USB Drive in a 512 MB capacity in the fall. The USB Drive can store current Windows and Macintosh files together with ease, while allowing users the flexibility to move the product through different day-to-day situations and business applications.

“From storing high resolution digital images to easily transporting essential business data, the need for high-capacity storage products is increasing in both the consumer and business marketplace,” said Scott McNulty, Director of Marketing, Computer Products Division, Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. “The Fujifilm USB Drive fits on a key chain, is durable and easy to access, and can store up to 256 MB of data for universal access and true mobility. The USB Drive makes an excellent addition to Fujifilm’s complete line of storage products and this innovative technology enables Fujifilm to offer its customers the perfect, personal storage solution.”

The Fujifilm USB Drive contains no moving parts, enabling it to be lightweight and smaller than the size of your palm. It offers an onboard CPU for driverless operation via a computer’s USB port. By incorporating a powerful 32-bit processor, the Fujifilm USB Drive is capable of running additional applications and includes Win logon as well as automatic boot functionality.

The Fujifilm USB Drive is shipping this month. The USB Drive, which weighs less than 1 ounce, will be available in different storage capacities, and priced based on capacity. The 128 MB USB Drive will list for $149.99.

The USB Drive will support the following operating environments: Windows98® (1) Second Edition, Windows® 2000, Windows® ME, Windows XP®, Mac OS 8.6. (2)