CYBIT Unveils MobiVoice for BlackBerry Users

CYBIT Unveils MobiVoice for BlackBerry Users


Cybernetics InfoTech, Inc. (CYBIT), a mobile media technology developer and ODM solution provider, unveils MobiVoice (patent pending) today as the first of a family of products for wireless PDA applications.

MobiVoice is an attachment device to BlackBerry, the industry-leading wireless email PDA developed by Research-In-Motion (RIM). MobiVoice enables advanced voice functions including voice email, voice recording, and FM radio. With a headset, voice email allows user to dictate voice messages to be sent out as a regular email attachment. Voice email significantly reduces the time to compose an email by eliminating cumbersome thumb-typing. With CYBIT’s proprietary voice compression (up to 100:1 compression), voice messages are transmitted over the wireless network in no time. CYBIT software allows voice email communications between two MobiVoice units as well as between MobiVoice and PC. Voice recording allows user to record instant thought while on-the-go, with up to 300 minutes of high-quality voice. FM radio delivers the latest news, weather/traffic information and entertainment at your fingertip. MobiVoice seamlessly integrates its functions with BlackBerry software for extremely easy operation by BlackBerry users.

CYBIT had successfully demonstrated MobiVoice to RIM and several BlackBerry resellers. “The excitement we witnessed at RIM and their resellers clearly indicated that MobiVoice is a very useful and unique product,” said Dr. Forrest Tzeng, President of CYBIT. “We are proud of the creation of MobiVoice and excited about the market promise of MobiVoice and its future extensions currently under development.” MobiVoice is now under production and will be available for shipment in August this year.