Hantro Demonstrates Video Messaging on Nokia 7650 Mobile Phone

Hantro Demonstrates Video Messaging on Nokia 7650 Mobile Phone


Hantro Products (Hantro), a leading provider of mobile multimedia solutions, announced today a software demonstration for capturing, playing and wirelessly sending a video message with a mobile phone. The software, which is running on Symbian OS, enables the user to record a video clip by using the camera that is integrated in the Nokia 7650 phone. The recorded video clip can be stored in the handset or wirelessly sent directly from the phone as an email attachment or using MMS.

Using the standardized MPEG-4 video encoding and decoding guarantees that the video clips created by the application in Nokia 7650, can be played by any other software using MPEG-4 on a PC or another multimedia phone. To ensure the compatibility of its technology, Hantro has been participating with strong effort in the interoperability work and testing of the International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium (www.imtc.org) and the MPEG-4 Industry Forum (www.m4if.org).

In the product portfolio, Hantro is providing its customers with MPEG-4 and H.263 compatible real-time video codecs that are scalable from lower resolutions and frame rates up to CIF resolution with 30 frames per second. In addition to excellent video quality, low power consumption, low CPU load, and other features that are of concern in handsets and other battery-operated devices, have had a key role in the development of Hantro’s video products.

“I’m very proud of this demonstration that proves our position as the leading video technology provider for handheld terminals,” says Eero Kaikkonen, CEO of Hantro. “This is also a very strong proof that our technology enables 3G-like services already in 2G and 2.5G devices and networks.”