CPS and Samsung Announce Completion of E-OTD “Enhanced Safety” Handset Location-Enabled Services

CPS and Samsung Announce Completion of E-OTD “Enhanced Safety” Handset Location-Enabled Services


CPS (Cambridge Positioning Systems) today announced the successful completion of a major integration project with Samsung Electronics Co Ltd for E-OTD location enabled cellular phones for the US market.

The announcement follows testing by both companies at CPS’s world-leading integration facility in Cambridge, UK, and subsequent live network testing in the US. E-OTD (Enhanced Observed Time Difference) technology requires only a software upgrade to the handset, providing manufacturers with a highly cost-effective location solution. US GSM operators and equipment vendors have already adopted E-OTD as the location standard.

The new handset will support the US Government’s Federal Communications Commission requirement for E-911 location systems for emergency services and also future location-based applications as they become available on GSM networks. The launch aligns closely with FCC requirements for location-enabled handsets to be available to customers on GSM networks by Fall 2002.

“Integrating E-OTD software in our mobile phones, will enable us to offer our customers enhanced safety features. It will be the first location-enabled GSM phone in the US market,” said Mr. Byung Duck Cho, Senior Vice President, Mobile Communications R&D Center, Samsung Electronics.

“Samsung is committed to bringing to market a series of industry firsts and more advanced features and we believe it does just that.”

CPS Chief Executive Chris Wade said: “This is a major step forward for the GSM industry. The availability of handsets from one of the world’s leading and most ambitious vendors marks a coming of age for E-OTD technology. The widespread availability of handsets will, in time, open up an exciting opportunity for location applications, whilst at the same time increasing the security and safety of wireless handset users.”