Siemens Creates a Noise in Singapore With The C55

Siemens Creates a Noise in Singapore With The C55


Siemens’ first mobile phone that records and plays polyphonic and social sounds.

Today at CommunicAsia 2002, Siemens Information and Communication Mobile Group (IC Mobile) launched the C55 – a mobile phone with a focus on personalization and fun. The C55 offers consumers the unique opportunity to not only play and download polyphonic ringtones but to record their favorite sounds. With advanced messaging services, access to unlimited entertainment applications over Wireless Java™ and a wide range of CLIPit™ Covers in different designs, including an innovative luminescent material, Siemens’ C55 lets users express their personal style with content and color.

The polyphonic sound feature, with a total of 16 chords, brings a new dimension to ringtones and melodies but by introducing a record feature Siemens enables users to capture particular and memorable sounds, voices and noises to truly personalize their mobile phone.

For closer and more emotive communications with family and friends, users have access to the C55’s advanced messaging capabilities including EMS (Enhanced Messaging Services), extended SMS messages of up to 760 characters and Instant Messaging. Over Java™ Instant Messaging allows users to identify friends currently available online before sending and receiving messages in real-time, within the multi-million messaging community. (Instant Messaging is an operator dependent service.)

Consumers can access a broad spectrum of original applications and games at Siemens’ consumer mobile portal, and download their favorites via Java™, over GPRS (class 8) and a WAP 1.2.1 browser. The photo community application enables users to upload, crop and attribute a photograph to any entry in their phonebook and Siemens also offers attractive services such as a predetermined Shopping list. The C55 comes with two games as standard including The Prince of Persia™, developed by Gameloft. With the added convenience of Siemens OTA (over-the-air) payment solution customers are able to test services before paying for them in full.

Peter Zapf, President of Mobile Phones within the Siemens Information and Communication Mobile Group, said: ”The Siemens C55 will be the most desired and convenient phone of 2002. Users will be able to express their personality and enjoy the added functionality that the Java technology can bring, namely recording of social and polyphonic sounds and downloading of games, whilst communicating with friends and family.”

Siemens’ C55 is an eye catching and fashionable phone with easy handling and navigation that comes in three standard trendy and stylish designs for summer 2002, Bordeaux, Champagne and Aqua. Siemens’ Original Accessory CLIPit™ Cover range offers the first three covers with luminescent effect. The self-glowing material of the CLIPit Covers give this line its distinctive characteristic – after it is exposed to light it continues to glow in the dark. With a broad variety of CLIPit™ Covers users can keep up with changing moods, designs and trends.

With up to 250 hours standby time and around 6 hours of talk time, the C55 is the perfect accessory for users with an active social life. The ‘Calling Images’ feature enables digital pictures to be downloaded over WAP or sent by SMS to friends. Whilst the conference call feature, ‘Get in Touch’, allows up to five people to be involved in a call. In addition, the diary and ‘Greetings’ functions provide no excuses for missing important events, such as meetings or parties.

Available across Europe and Asia from September 2002, the Siemens C55 weighs just 80 grams and comes with a wide range of Siemens Original Accessories, ranging from headsets to voice commanded car kits.

Siemens C55 will be positioned as a mass-market product and priced comparative to C35 at time of market launch.