iGo Unveils Mobile Power and Palm Presentation Products

iGo Unveils Mobile Power and Palm Presentation Products


“Pitch for Palm from Mobility Electronics allows users to present dynamic presentations using Palm handhelds.

Users create a slideshow at the office and synchronizing the show to their Palm handheld or SD Expansion Card. Then users clip Pitch for Palm to the back of any Palm m125, m130, m500, m505, m515 or i705 handheld — and attach the handheld to a video projector or video monitor. In seconds, the presentation is ready for viewing — no laptop re-booting, reconfiguring external video ports or re-setting laptop video driver settings required.

Users can view slides and notes on their Palm handheld while presenting, and because the solution offers simultaneous charging, the handheld will remain fully charged even after a lengthy presentation. In addition, the product is bundled with a travel kit, which safely and compactly carries the Palm handheld, the presentation solution and travel charger.

Pitch for Palm will be available beginning this summer through Ingram Micro and iGo; pricing will begin at $279. For more information on the product, please visit www.igo.com/pitch.

Mobility Electronics, Inc., also unveiled “Juice,” a universally-compatible power adapter that provides both AC/DC and DC/DC capabilities in a sleek, compact form factor.

Juice combines the functionality of an AC adapter and an auto/air adapter into a single power product. It is the only mobile adapter that can power notebooks from any power source, according to the company. Juice is compatible with all major notebook brands and plugs into any standard wall outlet, auto outlet, or air outlet, the company said. In addition to powering notebook computers, Juice can also simultaneously power a second mobile device such as a cell phone or handheld/PDA.

Juice eliminates the need to carry a separate notebook AC adapter, notebook auto-air adapter, mobile phone power adapter, handheld/PDA power adapter and spare batteries. Business travelers and other mobile device users can now replace those numerous items with a single adapter. “