Delkin Announces eFilm PicturePAD

Delkin Announces eFilm PicturePAD


Delkin Devices, a leading US manufacturer of high performance digital photography memory products and accessories, has introduced the eFilm PicturePAD. This new portable digital storage device for photos is designed for the traveling digital photographer and features a built-in color LCD screen for viewing photos and a high capacity hard drive for storing them. By simply inserting a flash memory card, the user can instantly access a number of features for viewing, showing, storing, and organizing digital images. The PicturePAD is designed to accompany a digital camera since it is roughly the size and weight of a palm size PDA and comes with its own carrying case. The unit works independently of a PC but does offer the flexibility to connect to a computer via a USB port. Its many functions include the ability to transfer and organize digital photos as well as the flexibility of viewing them on either the unit itself or a TV. Delkin President and CEO Martin J. Wood points out that the latest digital cameras not only need higher storage capacities, but today’s photographers are more mobile and are looking for easy solutions when it comes to the way they manage their photographs. “Many vacationers and professionals who travel with their camera equipment insist on packing light. The new high-resolution cameras that require bigger file sizes also require additional costly memory cards. We feel that the eFilm PicturePAD will be a great companion for all levels of digital camera users that not only want to save money on memory, but who are also looking for the portability and convenience that the PicturePAD’s compact size and range of functions offers.”

Initially the PicturePAD’s hard drive will be available in capacities of 20GB and 30GB, but additional sizes will follow shortly after its initial release. The ultra-bright 1.8” color backlit LCD screen allows for image viewing instantly as well as presenting the operating menu for the unit. You can create your own custom slide shows, perform viewing functions such as zoom, pan, rotate, and pause as well as traditional file editing operations like copy, cut, paste, and delete. To optimize the display on the LCD screen, the built- in video jack allows the unit to connect directly to a TV or video monitor. Both international TV standards (PAL and NTSC) are supported, so the PicturePAD can be operated on practically any TV in the world. Wood believes that being able to see your photos immediately and check for correct exposure and focusing is one of the PicturePAD’s primary benefits. “ Not only can you easily take it with you on your travels, it’s ideal for family gatherings and business presentations. Seconds after vacationers take a picture, they can transfer them to the hard drive, view their shots and organize them before they share their images.” The PicturePAD will be sold at consumer photography and electronic stores worldwide and online at Delkin’s website at The MSRP for the 20GB model is $549.00US (plus VAT in some countries).

The rechargeable Lithium Ion 3.7V 1400mAh battery can power the unit for over 30 file transfers (based on a 64MB CF Card) and provide up to an hour of LCD viewing with a full charge. The 110/220 AC power adapter automatically recharges the PicturePAD when the unit is plugged in. For the many users that will require additional batteries, Delkin will offer back-up batteries and a full line of accessories to enhance the PicturePAD’s performance. The unit’s hardware and software is designed to accommodate a number of new standards and peripherals such as a Printer Accessory, and connection devices for FireWire, USB 2.0, Ethernet, and MP3 music players. The Printer Accessory enables the unit to connect directly to a printer without the need of a PC. The accessory snaps easily on the top of the PicturePAD and integrates with the printer menu in the operating system where you’ll be able to select the printer model, type of paper, print size, and print resolution. Currently the Printer Accessory is compatible with the Epson Stylus Photo, and HP Deskjet and PhotoSmart Series of printers. Delkin will regularly be updating its printer support list on its website at

In order to keep the PicturePAD pocketsize and portable, the unit has just a single built-in CompactFlash slot for CF and IBM Microdrive flash memory cards so adapters are available for SmartMedia, MultiMediaCard/Secure Digital, and MemoryStick formats. Packaged software contains all necessary drivers and includes Photoshop Elements from Adobe (a $100.00 value), which lets the user create professional quality digital images for both print and the web. Along with the remote control with battery, carrying bag, rechargeable battery for the unit, AC adapter, and Adobe Photoshop Elements, The PicturePAD comes with USB and Video RCA cables and a multi-language users manual with a quick start guide.

When connected to a TV, the PicturePAD’s highly functional on-screen operating system allows the user to create new files and folders as well as renaming existing ones. This is all achieved with the infra-red remote control, which lets the user navigate the menus with speed and ease. The file menu system incorporates switching between text, thumbnail, and slideshow modes. In text mode, the file menu is a familiar Windows-like interface with a virtual keyboard that accepts long file names so the user isn’t limited by 8.3 specifications when naming their images. Thumbnail mode allows the user to choose the images graphically and slideshow mode lets you select a sequence of images within a directory to display. Here you’re able to set the number of seconds for the slide show interval (anywhere from 3 to 99 seconds) or move the show manually. For professional photographers, the EXIF header information can be displayed with the info button on the remote control. The PicturePAD also doubles as a portable card reader/writer by letting the user transfer files back and forth between their computer and a memory card.

Depending on the mode the PicturePAD is in (video or card copy), the user is prompted as to the settings to activate. When performing card copy operations, the unit is equipped with a number of useful features. The user can check for available disk space, copy from a memory card, verify the data was transferred correctly, and then have the option to erase the card just to name a few. With the primary setting functions you can adjust contrast and brightness, and set the video mode (PAL/NTSC). To save battery life, the user can set the amount of time before the unit automatically powers off. The navigational keys let you easily move up, down, left and right; and two LED indicators show when files are being transferred and when the unit is charging. All the settings and instructions can be read in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German. The eFilm PicturePAD supports Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Macintosh 9.1 and above.